Grade 3

I was wondering if there are any members on the site who were diagnosed with grade 3 and have come out the other side. I only found out mine is grade 3 today over the phone and to me this sounds bad. I have read the info on the site about grade 3 but would really appreciate a positive tale or two. That anxiety just sneaks up from nowhere and really takes hold. X

Hi Michelle.

i haven’t got grade 3 mine up until now is grade 1 so early days, I’m waiting for 5he results of the lumpectomy. But just wanted to share one of my friends stories. She was diagnosed 9 years ago with grade 3 it had spread to her lymph nodes and basically was not in a good place. She went through chemo ( embracing her bald head), rads and I’m not sure which medication she was taking . However she is clear of cancer and loving life. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m on a Facebook group and there are other ladies on there who have been through it and come out smiling. Never give up!  Xxxx

Thank you so much Emmalou. I really needed to hear something like that so appreciate you taking the effort to tell me. Each piece of news I’m given seems to be bad! Having said that I have had some news today which is apparently good so maybe things are on the up! I hope all goes well for you. Thanks again. X

Thank you Northerngal. I must sound so needy, we all need reassurance I know. I hate that feeling of the fear taking over, it’s so overwhelming. I really appreciated you taking the time to tell me about your friend. Xx

Thanks typicalme, good to hear all is going well with you. I am very early in this journey and already it has been an emoitional rollercoaster. I am fearing now that it has spread throughout my body so I can imagine that reoccurance will always be a fear. I said to my husband today that this has changed me already, I will never be the same person again. It’s a strange feeling. Thank you for telling me your experience it’s good to hear there are others like me who have come out the other side x

Thank you Sue, I don’t know anyone who has had breast cancer, family or friends. The only ones I have heard of are those in the media which often have a sad end. I guess I want what everyone wants and that’s to be told it’s all going to be ok. Thank you for telling me your story xx

Yes, there are some sad stories, but also there are a lot of positive stories but you might not always here about those xx

Hi Michelle,

I know you’ve posted on the January thread but just thought I reply as my tumor was also grade 3.

My tumor was grade 3 as well I’ve had and mx which removed my cancer and all the scans following surgery show no cancer but my team are throwing everything at it to avoid a recurrence so I’m on my 4th cycle of chemo with radiotherapy to follow. Its a bumpy ride but we’ll get there :slight_smile:

The diagnosis is life changing at at times all consuming but its important to treat yourself as well, it changes your outlook on life massively. Every time you switch the tv on there is a cancer advert or programme which whilst wonderful that its raising awareness is a constant reminder to those of us going through this.

Also do not confuse the grade of the cancer with the stage. I had a grade 3 tumor but would be classed stage 2b cancer - you’ve probably not done this but I got this completely confused at the start.

Take time to digest what the docs say, and try to avoid googling every last detail try and stick to sites like this and Macmillan, being anxious is completely normal especially whilst you wait for your plan, then you know what you are taking on and will go to battle.

Take care

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me Shocked. This really is an emotional rollercoaster. X

Thanks appletree that is very helpful. I am a week on from when I posted this and I think you are right that acceptance is key. I am working on that xx