Grade and stage


Had my op on 10th Wide Local Excition  removing 30mm lump , sentinel node and biopsies on 3 further nodes. I go on 26th to see the consultant but have no grade, stage or anything. When did you all get this information, feel in the dark, also should the pain be getting worse not better in my boob and underarm, So uncomfortable all the time

Hi JJ.

I knew the grade of my tumour a few days after the clinic original biopsy. Tumour grading can change though so they confirmed to me it hadn’t changed after my op. I didn’t get staging information until the post op consultation - the one you’re having on 26th. They won’t know your stage without the results of the op so expect all this information on the 26th and if they don’t volunteer it - ask.
Yes, I got more pain before I got better. Two weeks - 4 weeks was the worst for me and then I started to recover. You may want to contact your BCN to discuss it because there may be certain things they can do to help you.

Thank you x funny how you can be surrounded by so many loving caring people and yet feel so isolated from them all x

Hi jjleeds,

I got my grading when I went for the results of my biopsy. I still don’t officially know my stage and I have had all the results of my scans and mastectomy. But, I worked it out online.

Although, I have had a mastectomy, I also had a SNB and both hurt worse after the operation.

I’m 5 weeks post mx and my armpit has stopped hurting although my mx is still tender.

Oh, and where they took the node has given me FAR more trouble than the actual op site!! Felt like I had a golf ball in my armpit for ages! Then I was soooo swollen for a good 3 weeks.

Hi jjleeds 


i had 3 nodes taken on Monday 9th and I still have a golf ball under my arm! Make sure you keep moving your arm too… 


are you under Mr Horgan? 



i was told my tumour was grade 2 after my biopsy but after my WLE it was found to be a grade 3