Grade change

Hi i was diagnosed grade 3 in January then after my lumpectomy and lymph nodes removal im now grade 2 why would that be?.
I had 19 nodes removed 7 positive :pleading_face:
Sadly not clear margins so needing more surgery after chemo.
I am confused why or how grading changes? Thank you x

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My Surgeon told me… Your Grade of Breast Cancer doesn’t change after Surgery but your Stage can.
I’m grade 3 but stage 2 … with no lymph node involvement at clinical diagnosis.
My stage may change after surgery… if there’s lymph node involvement.
Sorry I forget to add the link explaining the difference between Stage and Grade.

Hi no mine is grade 3 then 2 that’s changed my bc nurse said it has on my notes it does im confused. X

Sorry Carmen I thought you were confusing Stage & Grade.
I remember asking my surgeon about my grade and his reply… Grade can go up but not down. I’m as confused as you now.

They just grade by the shape of the cells. In a biopsy, it’s a limited number of cells and they generally go to worst case scenario. Once they cut the cancer out and do the pathology on all of it, they take slides form every tumour and node and look at it in minute detail and it can therefore change. Mine also went from Grade 3 to grade 2 after surgery.


Thank you that makes alot kf sense.
I havent even asked stage i dont want to know :pleading_face: x

Did you have chemo at all?

Hi chemo starts next wed ec and dox im dreading it x

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Good luck @carmen81 next week!

It’s 1/2 okay days followed by 2-4 bad days and then it gets better each day but expect very little of yourself and just be kind to yourself. X


Thank you this is certainly a tough journey x


Going from grade 3 to 2 is good news.

Hope the follow up surgery results in clear margins.


Thank you :pray::heart_hands:🩷

My understanding is that the teeny tiny biopsies can be more difficult to interpret and that once they have the whole tumor the results (grade) can change.
The stage can’t be determined for sure until all post op results are in as it includes margins, spread and lymph nodes.

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Hi Carmen81

Thanks for posting asking about the change in grading after having surgery.

As @swk1981 says sometimes the grade given to a cancer after a biopsy can change after having surgery. This is because after surgery there’s more tissue for the pathologist to look at, which can give them more detailed information about the cancer.

Our booklet understanding your pathology results has further information that you may find useful.

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