grades and stages

Hi all, new to the site. Query about grades and stages, got biopsy done and was told i was stage 1. Went in for op, got lump removed and 5 nodes removed. Went back to get results from surgeon and was told im now stage 3. Is this common or was i misdiagonosed, has anyone else experienced this. Have now to get a bone scan in 2 days time, really scared.

Hi there,

Stage refers to the size of the tumour, and Grade refers to the rate at which the tumour grows.

For example: I am Stage 1 (my tumours were less than 2cm), and Grade 2 (intermediate growth).

My biopsy showed my to be a Grade 3, but the mastectomy pathology report done later showed it was a Grade 2. The path report is more accurate than the biopsy one. (It’s easier to get a more accurate result from a lump than a few cells from a biopsy.)

The cancerbackup website explains staging and grading really well. Go to then choose breast cancer as your cancer type and go from there.

Hope that helps!



As Bunnymum says, the pathology report after the lump is removed is far more accurate than the initial biopsy, so you weren’t really misdiagnosed as all surgeons will not commit themselves until the final pathology report. I admit it is a shock when expected a stage 1 then a stage 3 .