Graves Disease, thyroid problems and starting treatment soon

Hi All


I am having my first appointment with oncology this week. I also have Graves Disease, is there anyone who has been through treatment who also has thyroid problems (over active) like me? I’d be interested to know how you got on with your treatment if you wouldn’t mind sharing your opinions. Thank you 

Hi Shabiah 

I have congenital hypothyroidism, I was born without a thyroid gland. 
I underwent treatment in 2018, I had 4x EC, then 12 weekly Paclitaxal. 
I tolerated the chemo very well and got through it ok. 
My thyroid issue is different to yours, however I thought I would have issues with chemo, and I didn’t. 
Hope that helps 

Hi lovely. I too have Graves’ disease. Had 4 bouts and currently on carbimazole. I found out yesterday I have two cancerous lumps in my right breast and lots of little ones they haven’t biopsied. Waiting for biopsy results next Thursday but they are certain it hasn’t spread to my lymph nodes xx