Great cream for after Radiotherapy

Its still very early days for me, just 2 weeks since my last radiotherapy so im in the worse stage of burning. Am very big boobed so have terrible sores under my boob. Tried E45 cream which was okay, but then I went to a ‘look good feel better’ workshop where we were given some lovely make up and body care and we were given a tube of a new Aussie cream called

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  • Udder cream! very funny, but was made to help cows udders! All natural.

I tried it and had instant reliefe so bought a tub . Its so good and I thoroughly reccommend it. It soothes instantly and heals as it goes along. It is also displayed in my local pharmacy and says that its particaulry good for those undergoing treatment from either chemo or radioth.  


give it a try ladies.


Good luck Dawn x

dont know why the emotional content warning is there - ignore that "