hi everybody
i had a WLE two and a half weeks ago with auxillary clearance , i went to see my surgeon yesterday for the results, they were so delighted there is no longer any signs of cancer, 2 nodes had been affected but only showed scarring and the only evidence of my 2.5 cm tumor was a 12mm scar, the trial has now closed but the results they are getting back are fantastic and they believe this is the way forward with chemo treatments and the order in which the chemo is given , things are progressing so quickly nowadays and there are so many trials that have been proven and will be put into practice for everyone, i am having 20 sessions of rads then a year of herceptin yet again another wonderdrug!
my love to everybody for all the support
galen x

Hi Galen,

Good to hear your news! It all sounds very positive. Hope the rads go ok, keep us posted!


hi shannon
how are u? i been looking for u on other thread
tracey x