Ive been for my results today from my mastectomy and SLNB to be told I got good margins, and there were a few cells in my main node but I mean a few…My doctor said he could count them and they hadn’t developed so were classed as negative!! Before my op I was told I would almost definitely need chemo, radio and tamoxifen but my doctor and oncologist both think I now only need radio and tamoxifen! ! Im so happy I could burst and wanted to let all you lovely ladies know that I really appreciate all your support since I was diagnosed,  I couldn’t of got through without this forum! I still have a bit of a journey but I can now see a little light at the end of this horrible dark tunnel.

Lots of love and ((((hugs)))) for everyone going through this and espeically to magicalmoon, I will be thinking about you on thursday and hope and pray your results are good too :heart: xxxx

That’s Brill news little cherub. I had clear margins and no lymph nodes involved

Was advised when I got my results that I didn’t need chemo and just needed rads however when I saw the ONC he recommended chemo due to being Her2 positive. Wonderful news for you though have a large glass of wine with the OH. Xx

Thank you Ann…great news for you too! Such a relief to know its not in the lymph nodes! I cant remember everything my consultant said as I was shocked but I think he said I wasnt Her2 positive and something about not needing the other drug is it herceptin? I think that has something to do with Her2 pos?? I see my onc tomorrow along with my bcn so hoping they can fill me in on the bits I missed today :slight_smile:
Will def be having a large wine with my hubby :slight_smile:
Hope your chemo goes well xxxx

I am sooooooo happy for you, Erica.
Uncork that wine bottle and have a great celebration with your hubby.
The light at the end of the tunnel has started to glow and can only get brighter until you are in the sunshine again enjoying life cancer free.
Thanks for thinking about me this coming Thursday and your good wishes.
Not long to wait now. Keeping my fingers crossed for good news like yours.
M xxx

Thank you magical moon :slight_smile:
Ive got everything crossed for you
((((Hugs)))) xx