GSCF Injections!

I have had my 4th injection today. I am day 6 after 1st chemo. They make me feel sick, give me back ache and a headache. I also think they make me aware of my heartbeat and make me a bit dizzy. Nothing unbearable but not nice!! Anyone else feeling like this xx

Hi Ali

I definitely experienced back pain on these and joint  pain in general. I took ibroprofen and it cleared up quite quickly. I also felt generally a lot better when the injections finished. It was always the start of getting back to normal. Do you have one more to do? 

I would mention this to your oncologist at the next appointment. Do you see him before the next cycle? Or, let your chemo team know? Whichever is easier.

Sue xx

I will let them know thanks Sue. I feel fine then do the jab and an hour later take a dip. I will ask though xx

I still have 3 to do Sue. They gave me 7. Did you only have 5?

Hi Ali
Sorry to hear you they are causing you problems.
The aches and pains will be caused by them as they are stumulating your bones and as Sue C says Ibroprofen and Paracetomol help. I suffered in the belly, lower back and upper back and shoulders up towards the head which gave me headaches. Also bathsoaks with Epsom salts helps the muscles too. It means that they are working and help towards white cells for next chemo! The sickness feeling and headaches may be from the chemo itself but call the chemo hotline if you are concerned.
On my 6th day of cycle one I had a very bad headache and tight chest and funny heartbeat but when I went to hospital everyrhing was checked and fine.
I found that first cycle I was looking for any little twang and pain and panicked but second cycle I’m more relaxed. Xxx

I have 5 injections too. Not sure what drives the amount they give you. I had my first this morning. Got a bit of lower back pain but other then that ok so far. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Hi Ali49, it’s  my last injection of 5 tomorrow and am glad as noticed side effects myself.  When I had my first one I took it alongside the steroids so blamed the steroids for my thumping racing heartbeat.  Anyway, after taking them separately the days after I realised the injections were causing me the issue.  I have them in my thigh as I leave the stomach for my deltaparin blood thinner injections.  Only had one day of terrible leg aches with it, just on the side of the injection.    My main problem after them is my lymph under my neck seems to swell feeling really uncomfortable and I can feel that my swallow reflex is compromised and today I had awful earache.  The only thing that helps me is sipping cold coconut water which brings the swelling feeling down.  

Did you all know that you were going to have these injections before you started chemo? They haven’t been mentioned to me so far.

Thanks for replying everyone. Patchwork it sounds like i have the same side effects as you. Today i thought it must be blood pressure but it wasnt. I wonder why i get 7 days when everyone seems to just get 5! Chaffinch i only knew about them from the forum. Nobody at the hospital mentioned them til the day of my chemo. Xx

I have 7 injections each time starting the day after chemo and I was told about them by my onc and chemo nurse before treatment.
I need to put into fridge and take out one hour b4 injecting.
I was worried at first but my mate showed me how to do!
Theyre given me aches and pains so must be doing the job. I think enquure about rhem if not been

I have 7 days too. I do mine before bed so I feel a bit better by morning. I never know which side effect are chemo or the injections but I do think they make me more nauseous and give me mild lower back pain. Try Claritin tablets daily - some people think they help with the side effects from the injections x

Thank you Blueash you always make things clear. I had my 5th injection today but took 2 paracetamol and a new anti sickness, cyclizine, half an hour before. I had a sleep in the afternnon and feel much better tonight. It seems donperidone m8ght have been the problem xx

Ive been having 7 of these each cycle. I found they gave me achey legs, back and shoulders. Also had mild headache and swollen glands. After reading another one of blueash’s posts I’ve been taking clarityn this time around and have been amazed that, yes, the allergy tablets really do work.

And as blueash says, we’re very lucky to be given them. I was trying to get some idea of how much my treatment must of cost altogether so far and I think it must be up to the price of a decent house by now. ?
Thank goodness for the NHS. X

Absolutel feelthefear. I thank God everyday for our NHS and hate the way the media constantly portray it in a negative light xx

I totally agree! So many were complaining about the NHS but compared to other countries, we are very fortunate to have the fantastic service we are recieving right now.

Epsom salts in a bath 2/3 times a week are also a way forward for these aches and pains, wuth some nibbles and a magazine:)

Yes, we’re extremely fortunate.
And I like your thinking CK. knowing me I’ll probably take a glass of wine as well. ?

Angela. X

Last injection yesterday and felt fluey all day. Got in bed last night and thought i had mild wind pain. Woke up at 2am with excrutiating pain in my lower back and round my tummy. It was a throbbing pain as if something was pushing around. I couldnt get comfy so had to get up and wake my hubby! An hour later after 2 paracetamol, 2 ibuprofen and 2 cups of warm water it has eased and i am back in bed. I am so glad the injections are finished although i know they do a great job. I have the Clarityn in for next time xxx

Hope you managed to sleep Ali
I got exactly the same first cycle, day 7 of injections. Tjis time round was less pain, maybe rhe Epsom salts helped. Hope tje Clarityn works.xx

Maybe bath un in a load of bubbles when treatment is over…the champers type though!!!xx

It’s seems to be one of those things that varies from hospital to hospital. I asked about them and was told that they are used only with drug regimes that are particularly likely to knock down your white blood count. I am also on FEC though.

Well round 2 and after 7th injection again have experienced excrutiating pain! The pain is a throbbing pain around my hips and pelvis and upto my head and neck. It is pain that has literally made me cry and i am not a wuss!!

It almost feels like my hips are dislocated and it was agony to move or walk.

12 hours after the pain started and with doses or paracetamol and ibuprofen spread out i am lying awake in bed with a hot water bottle still trying to ease it further.

This has happened on both of my cycles of FEC after the last of 7 GCSF injections.

I spoke to the helpline nurse last night and she told me i must have too many white blood cells now and the bones that make them are working hard to push them around my body. She told me to have a warm bath with epsom salts, which i did and it helped a bit.

I honestlt think that for me 7 injections are too much.

I am just posting this in case anyone else suffers this horrible side effect x