Guilt I’m starting to feel better now and I sometimes forget about bc for a while,then as soon as I feel happy I feel guilty as if by letting it out of my mind I am letting it back into my body I just want to move on at least for a while.I can feel the old me wanting to come back but I am scared to relax.Being triple neg there is no more treatment unless it comes back[God forbid]and I feel alone as if I have to be always on my guard.Anyone else with these feelings?lol horace

Sure do Hi

Yes I do have those feelings each and everyday, feel so alone even though I am surrounded by friends and family it does not leave my mind for one second, up one minute down the next. Just like to come on this site as for a while it makes life easier knowing someone is around to listen to my gripes.

Take care


hi horace,
as you know i am 18 months down the line from dx. i am reminded every day of what i have gone through as i had a mastectomy and no recon.
i was so scared to start with and it was with me all the time, i am now back at work and that has made such a difference.
i feel free to a certain degree, i am to busy to think of the cancer and am me again most of the time, it is a great feeling… to feel normal again. the fear is in a box and yes it comes out sometimes and i am not triple neg so have had the ajuvant therapies.
i hope that with time you will learn to relax a bit more and enjoy your life.
sharon. x

Thanks elaine and sharon it really is a merry go round isnt it.Stop the world I want to get off for a while.Val