I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in June and had a mastectomy followed by immediate DIEP flap reconstruction as my first treatment in August. I’ve just been to see my consultant to get the histology/pathology results and am gutted that what I was told initially was stage 1 multifocal with grade 2 and 1 presence and no lymph node involvement has now changed.

I was kinda prepared that the grading might change which weirdly was slightly less concerning to me but actually that hasn’t. BUT I’m terrified because one of the five lymph nodes removed was encapsulated and therefore I now need a full body scan and more surgery to clear the rest of the lymph nodes and my cancer is now upgraded to stage 2.

I have some shoulder pain on the opposite side to the cancer boob which I thought was down to poor posture but now I’ve had confirmation of lymph node involvement I’m convinced that I actually have bone mets and that my worst fears are starting to come true. My mum died of cancer at 56 years old (not breast) after discovering hers at stage 4 and I feel like history is repeating itself. Despite having lots of people fighting my corner with me I feel absolutely lost .

HI KChest,

I’m so sorry you’ve not had a reply yet, and I can read how emotionally difficult you are finding your diagnosis and the uncertainty - feeling terrified and lost are understandable no matter how many people are around you supporting. I don’t have experience of the set of circumstances you are facing, but I will say that its easy to start putting things together and creating a far worse scenario than actually exists. Remember also that BC is the most treatable of types, and its not the same as your Mother (who had a different cancer type) because time has moved on and there are more effective treatments. I’m hoping that by bumping your post up somebody who has had a more relatable experience will read it, but if not please do consider calling the helpline to talk through your concerns. Do you yet know when your scan will be ?

I really feel for you, I live in France and here they don’t grade cancer, just tell you what you have and what treatment they will give you, I think that’s better, I had TNBC and it was in my lymph nodes, I too thought it was everywhere in my body. Hopefully you will have a body scan and be reassured, treatment is really effective now for BC, my mum had it at the same age as me although a different BC but the treatment has really moved on and the most important thing is you have found it and are being treated. Hang on to the positive thoughts as I strongly believe that is part if the battle, try to just take each day as it comes and not to worry too much about what if’s , I know that’s not easy. You will get through this and come out the other side, we are stronger than the cancer. Xx

After being diagnosed with a 5cm tumour at the very back of my breast in July I had a mastectomy nearly 4 weeks ago.  Although I was told scans showed nothing in my lymph nodes ,when I went for my results consult I’ve been told that of sample nodes they removed half contained cancer cells.  I am now booked in to have a full clearance in 3 weeks.  I know how you feel I wasn’t expecting this result and it scares me but please try and stay positive.  I spoke to my BCN as I was panicking that every pain I felt was the cancer spreading but she reassured me that this is a normal reaction.  I hope things go well for you