I had a mx, recon and anc last year, then found out this year that i have the brca 2 gene. I had a prophylactic mx and recon 10 weeks ago, everything was going brilliantly, my recon looked and felt ace.
I am due to have a hysteretomy in 2 weeks too.
I sterted to feel unwell and my recon started to swell and feel painful last week. I was admitted to hospital and fed iv antibiotics for 4 days for an infection, but this didnt work, so had my implant removed… I know have a horrid looking mess, it still has the skin there thats just hanging… i will be able to have the implant put back in a few months, but just finding it hard at the minute…

Oh Sharon, what rotten bad luck you are having.

Hopefully someone on here will have had the same problem and will be able to discuss it with you.

Try to take one day at a time and if you feel things are getting you down phone the helpline and chat to one of the trained staff.

Sending a cyber hug,


Oh Sharon that’s just awful.
Outside my experience, so I can’t offer any wisdom I’m afraid, but do be gentle with yourself and take it a day at a time… I know that’s easy said and hard to do. As had been suggested, you could phone the helpline.

Sending a cyber-hug, a very gentle cyber-hug

Have you phoned Wendy on the National Hereditary breast cancer care line, I’m sure she will be able to put you intouch with someone - or you could post on their facebook page you might get a response there hun
In the meantime megga ((((Hugs))))
Tracey xxxxxxxxxx

oh bugger sharon… only just read your news… thats soooo crap hunny… i really feel for you cos i know it was a hard decision… hope the hysterectomy is straight forward and that gives your chest time to recover before you have the next lot of breast surgery.

love and hugs
Lulu x

Oh hunny that’s really rotten luck. Sending big hugs and thinking of you.

I hope this helps you, I had a hysterectomy three months before my first lumpectomy and looking back it was much easier and less painful by far. I was terrified having this done, but compared to the surgery for cancer it was easy. If I had to go through either by choice it would be the hysterectomy.

Good luck x x