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I’m on my 3rd Ac chemo, Im really well with it, and have the same capacity at the gym that I had pre-chemo. The only thing is where my heart rate would previously hover around 140 during a run, it now creeps up to 170. My max heart rate is 176. I wondering if this is good/bad or indifferent for my heart health.

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It’s good to hear that you’re tolerating your chemotherapy well and managing to continue exercising throughout. As you have likely discovered, exercise can help many people to manage their symptoms and fatigue during treatment. You can also find guidance on exercising safely with cancer here.

If you’re usually fit and active, and don’t have any heart conditions, the maximum safe heart rate for you may be higher than less active people. However, during chemotherapy, your body may become fatigued more easily, and it is important to allow your body to rest. Your increased heart rate during exercise may be your bodies way of telling you to slow down a little. The British Heart Foundation has more information on heart rates and target heart rates during exercise although this is not in relation to people on cancer treatment. You may also find the following links with information on exercise and cancer useful:

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It is worth speaking to your treatment team about your increased heart rate during exercise, as some chemotherapy can have an impact on your heart, so they may want to check this if necessary.

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