had 1st fec on tuesday

hi ladies
i thought id pop on while not too sick to ask some advice
4 hrs ater i was in hospital so so sick
they kept me in overnight with intravenous anti sick and steroids

didnt eat until yesterday but drank water
still feel so sick
stomache ache and tired and dizzy just walking upstairs
back ache and headache too from injection

today i have a nasty taste in my mouth so again making me feel sick and cant see me eating again
ive just had an ice pop which helped mouth but not tummy lol

they have said all my meds need tweeking for next time but i really dont think i can do this again
i know that sounds pathetic but i cant see me ever getting dressed again or not being sick

any advice anyone please
will try to get on later

Hi there

Really feel for you. I was like you, 4 hours after first FEC I was violently sick for 12 hours. My GP came out and gave me an injection. I was then very nauseous for 10 days. My meds weren’t adjusted enough and I went through this again after second FEC. I lost 2 stone in 6 weeks.

The good news is that I actually got through 4 FEC. I had the FEC prior to surgery and it worked really well with the tumour reducing by about two thirds. Please hang in there!

The most important thing is to get your anti emetic right. I was given levomepromazine (sometimes called nozinan). It was recommended to me by the chemo nurses and it worked really well. It does knock you out but that was a blessing. I didn’t throw up at all. I took a levomepromazine BEFORE I had the chemo. I was also given my IV antiemetic 20 minutes in advance of the FEC so it had some time to work. In addition they gave me extra IV fluid after the FEC so I would be hydrated.
After a couple of days on that I moved on to other anti emetics. What worked best for me was domperidone. I did have some nausea for 10 days after but it was bearable.

I had the headache and backache as well. This can be the chemo too. I had one lot of chemo without the GCSF and I ended up going into hospital for 5 days with neutrapenic sepsis - so they are important.

I stayed in bed for 5 days after each chemo as I was so dizzy. I found that having sips of fizzy drinks was better for me. I had snacks such as oatcakes and dates regularly but not much in the way of meals.

I was like you and thought I’d never get through it but I did. It is hard although I think with an adjustment to your medication you won’t feel so terrible next time. Be firm though - I wasn’t firm enough and had to go through two lots of being so sick.

Take care and a big hug to you
Elinda x

thankyou for the reply

i spent 8 dys not getting out of bed once home from night in hospital
just starting to feel norml agin today so went for wig fitting

Hello lincslady, I just want to wish you well for the rest of your chemo, how inadequate that seems, after reading your post. You came onto the site not long after me and I remember reading your posts at the time and feeling concerned for you. Easy for me to say but I’m sure you will get through this.

I am fortunate in that I do not have to undergo chemo (I am waiting to starts rads next week)but I can put myself in your shoes. Hope you managed to sort your wig out ok.

((((hugs)))) Chris x

Hi Lincslady

Glad you’re starting to feel better and thanks for posting so we know how you’re doing.

Take care and hope you are pleased with the wig?
Elinda x

hi there
took dog for a walk today
boy was it good to do that
im coming down with a cold and wondering if i can take my lemsip?
so long as i keep an eye on my temp i should be able to fight a cold off surely??

the ladies at the wig salon at hospital were fantastic
so i have my wig
short brown with highlights pretty much like me
but it feels so wierd,it moves if i hunch/shrug shoulders
so nervous about it blowing off lol
its in its bag for now lol
i also got a few scarves

Hi Lincs Lady.
I was told I could take paracetamol to help with colds etc, BUT paracetamol reduces your temperature, so take your temp BEFORE the drugs (and Lemsip does contain paracetamol, I think) to check you don’t have anything worse than a cold. I think I was also told to avoid ibuprofen too - possibly as it is likely to upset your stomach.

Have you lost your hair yet? If not, don’t wear your wig over your normal hair!! It will stretch it and obviously, the slippiness of your natural hair will make it feel insecure. I was told this when I got mine, as I still have my own hair (for the next 12+ days, I guess!!). My wig man is not hospital based, seems to be more commercial and doing the hospital contracts, so I think you get better advice from a commercial man than the hospital ‘salons’.

So sorry you have been so sick, but glad you are feeling able to go out with the dog now. I have had the opposite reaction to my first FEC (and supportive drugs) - I feel like I could run a marathon! I will probably feel it one day soon…!!
Take care
Flora xx

hi there
hair on head is still ok(thanks for advice on wig)
hair below is falling out hahahaha
i will take some lemsip ater temp
lady next door just brought me some flowers so ive been sobbing agaain lol
they are going to give me some drug 4 days before and 4 days after to calm me down next time
never mind that, if im so sick again next time i wont be going for any more

i cant spend 2 wks out of every 3 in bed

glad ur doing so well, im sooo jealous lol

HI Lincs lady,

So sorry your chemo did not go well. I know how much you were dreading it and I think you were really brave to go. Hopefully the next one will be better and they will get you sorted out with some more effective medication.

Have you got someone stopping with you to help out ?

Take care

Anna x

Hi Lincs lady,
think we started chemo about the same time 22nd oct. I saw oncologist for check up on Monday and someone had advised me to keep literally an hour by hour diary of side effects to take with me as otherwise I would forget the first ones by the time the next ones hit me! . We went through every one and she has tweaked all my meds for the next session next thursday so hopefully will see an improvement. Hope yours can do the same for you. So present them with a list when you go!! best of luck
Karen xx

thanks karen
i go back on tuesday providing bloods ok
not looking forward to it one bit
what s e did you get the 1st time?

im thinking anything would be an improvement

Hi again Lincs lady,I have my blood check too on Tuesday prior to second round on thursday.
Apart from being white and on a 24 hour high, the first 3 days were ok. Nausea then set in (they only gave me 3 days supply of anti sickness instead of 5 so getting more this time). Like you horrid taste in mouth and then very sore tongue and throat (Corsodyl mouth wash now every four hours which is nearly as bad as suffering!) Am still totally bound up so now on Movicol every day (too much info?!!). I found I more or less kept nausea at bay by constantly eating, alternating from lollies for sore mouth and carbs for the nausea! Still cant sleep more than 3 hours a night and cant nap in the day time so constantly tired and suffering from chemo brain but when I look at my diary for the earlier days, I realise that i DO feel that much better now and hope to make the most of it for the next few days before they zap me again.
How are you feeling today? any better? hang in there - feel free to email me anytime!!!
Karen xx

HI Babe
I’ve just had 2 nd course of FEC and the second time round was easier with different medication. I also went to bed within about 4 hours which really seemed to make a difference as I felt so much worse when I stood up. After about 3 days I started to feel much better (apart from the horrible taste) and now 2 weeks on feel back to normal. Dreading the next one next wed but at least I know what to expect which does make it a bit easier. Good luck for the next one. Cheers Jo