Had a wobble

Due for first dressing change today and hubby bless him said he would do it but I can’t let him and have sat for 45 minutes crying my eyes out it’s not that I think he will hurt me but I can not bear him to see my breast right now. doctors appointment for 11.20 wish I could ‘man up’ and just let him do it but I can’t ??

He has to see it sometime Sue !!! But whatever you are comfortable with .Remember the scar will change a lot over next few weeks and swelling will settle down ,I didn’t look myself for a couple of weeks !!!



You will in your own time and he will be absolutely fine about it, from what you have said he sounds a wonderful hubby. 


I promise you the scars fade and believe me i know I have had loads in my lifetime.  Have to say 10 months down the line you can hardly see mine, they just look like creases.  When I first had them they were very red and swollen, but that quickly settles down in the weeks after the op.  Colin did not see mine for two weeks because they were covered up when he did he was quite surprised about how small they were, to me at that time they looked huge but he just said “what do you expect you only had surgery two weeks ago”!!


Sending you a hug my friend.


Helena xxxx

Thank you both I haven’t seen it yet as dressing on but my boob is a lovely shade of green/yellow I am so tickled stomached I don’t want to see either x he is fine about it and said it will make no difference it is just me but I am sure I will get over it strange how I am more comfortable showing strangers my boobs than a man who I love and has loved me for over 30 years x

Yep there is s lovely blue hue too x

He came to the doctors and when the nurse took dressing off he asked to look so I let him he said it looks really neat and. The nurse said surgeon had done really good job and the lumpectomy scar will be under my boob and it shouldn’t look too Misshapen but hubby said he don’t care anyway xx I think I was just scared it would hurt rather than his reaction but it’s done now and I am sure when it’s healed I will look just a big wuss and couldn’t even cope when my kids were young and had wobbly teeth x