Had biopsy today - what to expect/scared

Found large lump under right armpit 4 wks ago, Dr referred me to breast clinic & have been back today for mammogram, ultrasound & punch biopsy of rather enlarged lymph node (now towards 5cm size),  I go back in 1 wk to see consultant for results.  Anyone else had a similar experience with enlarged lymph node appearing so quickly, it’s got bigger within 2wks & that’s quite scary.  No other abnormalities found on mammogram/ultrasound, but feeling quite concerned that it’s going to be serious. 

I’d really appreciate talking to anyone as feel very alone.

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Hi TG…all the best with your results. I had a lump but it was being diognosed by GP as a boil in Sept 2013. It was on my right breast. I was referred to breast clinic initially I think as a precaution. After mammogram result I was told I have two calcification clusters. I had to google to find out what this actually meant. I didnt know whether it was good or bad. Ive had one biopsy which I have been told is inconclusive. I understand a calcification is like a grain of salt but can only be seen on a mammogram. I am waiting on my second biopsy appointment. Your life just seems to stop and you start to think that, I could have breast cancer or pre-cancerous cells which is not a good feeling. At the moment we had a bereavement in the family and I am not sure half the time if my tears are for that or for myself going through these tests. We need to ve strong and positive. My motto is no news is good news and I hope yours is too. Take care and keep your chin up girlie xx

Hi Pippadog & Hotlips,


Thanks for your replies,  I seem to have my lump in a different area compared to the majority of forum posts I’ve read.  I think my main worry is that it’s nothing to do with the breasts & may be  metastatic from else where, that’s my biggest fear. 

Definately the waiting is the worst, at times I forget about it whilst busy and everything seems OK for a while.


I must say though that the hospital I’m under is really good, I went from GP to breast clinic in 10 days, mammogram, ultrasound & biopsy another 4 days after & the dreaded results this coming Friday afternoon.  So I can’t complain at all about the process. I’m still a bit dazed about it all as I wasn’t initially concerned at a ‘suddenly appearing large lump’ & only went to GP expecting to be told it was a cyst…  Guess it’s good that I was talked into going so quickly.


Hope everything goes well for you both.


Thanks, Tracey xxx