had blood tests today

hi all :)… today i had some bloods taken to determine whether i carry the BRCA gene…i was dx with bc nearly 3 years ago in my early 30s.i had a lumpectomy , rads and im on tamox .My Dad has had prostate cancer and both his sisters breast cancer.I was ok at the hospital but Now ive got all kinds of stuff related to the tests going round in my head .If i carry the gene … would the chances of the breast cancer coming back increase , my prognosis was 97% will it decrease because i’m carrying the gene?Also will i be offered to chance to have a mastectomy?

Hi englishrose,

Having a BRCA mutation won’t affect your prognosis. It will affect your risk of recurrance, by how much? well that depends on the specific mutation you have. There are hundreds of different mutations of the BRCA genes and each one carries their own specific risk of recurrance and also getting other cancers such as ovarian and pancreatic, some though not all carry a risk of melanoma. My specific mutation carries a risk of male breast cancer, prostate, pancreatic and ovarian. Incidentially my mutation falls more into the ovarian cluster though I’ve had breast cancer. In light of this I decided to have my ovaries removed. When you get your results and if positive you will have the chance to discuss preventative surgery, breast and ovarian. In the meantime tamoxifen offers you protection. In light of your family history and your age you need to ensure that you get access to screening, ask your geneticist to refer you for ovarian screening and ask about mri screening instead of mammograms.

Hope this helps xxx

hi englishrose,

i cant add anymore than helen has already said she is correct it does depend on the mutation. hopefully your genetics dept will be able to guide you and answer any questions you have. my genetics councillor was/is amazing. i tested positive in 2006 for brca2 and had the ovaries removed last aug and mastectomy in feb this year. keep us posted on how you get on x

Thanks for your replies xx i’m more chilled now … i 've got to wait 2 months for the results so for now im going to enjoy the summer . i will definetly let you know the results.xx

hi im jude im 35 and a brca1 carrier so as a preventive i had keyhole oopherectomy last year and offered a double masectomy with reconstruction
im glad i had the test and knew i had a gene mutation before i got results as cancer had my great gran nan mum and sister all at extremely young ages
so to have the chance to prevent the big c i feel very lucky to do something about it before its too late
goodluck with results but if you are shown to have a mutation feel lucky you have the chance to help yourself as many arnt so lucky
takecare jude

:smiley: i recieved my results today which were negative, only polymorphisms of no known clinical significance …WHAT A RELIEF …
my thoughts go out to you all xx

After celebrating yesterday i am now feeling really down about my results, with such a strong family history there has to be some mutation ,i feeling sorry for myself as to why i was dx with bc so young i haven’t felt like this for a long time , i just don’t know what to do xx


i was happy to read you had a negative result but i can see why you feel how you do now. you must be so confused and also to wait for results for 2 months plays about with our emotions also as its so long to wait and a very stressful time. at the time of testing for me i was told a positive result for brca2 could be the best i could hope for as that came from my dads end of the family but ironically my dads mum had breast and ovarian cancer and passed away at 49 and had other cancers in her family but no-one was alive to be tested for a faulty gene so i believe if i tested negative i would always worry about my risk and the unknown. i really feel for you as i can understand your doubts. no its not good having a faulty gene however if we know about it we can do something about it and be aware of it. what have your genetics councillor said to you?

love lainey xx

Hi lainey
Many thanks for your reply , are you waiting for results ?
My genetics councillor has given the advice for my sisters to get regualar screening , he also wrote that i do not need to be concerned about the risk of cancer for my sons unduly , and it particular the risk of prostate cancer .
The last 8 weeks has been at a snails pace, i did say i would enjoy the summer but its played a heavy part in my life and it still is .
I am the first one out of my dad and his two sisters to be tested , my Auntie called me over a year ago screeching down the phone begging me to get tested for her daughters sake … that blew my mind because she didnt mention me or my family only for her daughter , she said she would get tested , but she didn’t … i dont know why , to be honest i’m don’t know my Aunties very well , even when i left messages for them about the genetic testing , i have recieved no reply from them ,i think i have frustrations with their lack of caring .xx

hi englishrose,

i tested positive for brca2 a while ago and had my ovaries removed last august and a double mastectomy 6 months ago. i understand when you say it played heavy on your mind as i can remember that was the only thing i thought about for a long while and still do at times as it seems so unfair to have such massive risks. i think we all panic when faced with that risk though. family can react differently to all this as i have found out which makes it harder but i can remember when i got my result i wanted to let as many people know as possible so they had the chance to be tested if they wanted to…