Had bone scan today. Saw white spots. Does anybody know what this means?

I could clearly see 2 x areas (as well as my bladder) that were ‘white’ spots. One on my kidney and one on my spine…does anybody know what this means? 

Thanks in advance

Debbie x 

Hi Deb,

It’s always tempting to look when having scans, I’ve done it myself, however, I would not know what I was looking at. 

Hopefully, all’s well, it usually is & it’s good that they are being thorough, of course, but as ever, waiting for results is the pits. 

Do take care

ann x 




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It’s so horrible waiting for results but I really wouldn’t try to guess what the scan means. It’s so hard not to look for information when there isn’t any yet. Try not to overthink it (much easier said than done!)

Thank you both for your reply’s ? on speaking with the BN yesterday she has informed me that there is no  evidence of spreading on the report ? so one down one to go. I’m feeling quite confident now as in my head I’ve always suspected that it would go to bones first and then onto organs so not worrying about CT scan at all. Maybe I’m being totally naive but that just makes sense to me. I am still intrigued about the ‘hotspots’ I saw and will be asking the consultant about them when I do see him ? x