Had Breast Cancer Twice. Choosing Mastectomy to Prevent a Third time

In July 2007 I was diagnosed with HGDCIS in my right breast. I had a Lumpectomy, followed by Radiotheraphy.
After my 5yr Mammogram, I was recalled for an Ultrassound but told all was clear. When my Consultant was veiwing the results with me, he found something on my left breast which concerned him. After further tests, including biopsies, I was found to have DCIS and two different invasive cancers. I had a Mastectomy in Oct 2012.
I also have a poor family history of breast cancer. Whilst waiting for the results, and using on- line guides and speaking to nursess from various charities, I was convinced my results would be positive. During this time, I had accepted that I would be having another Mastectomy. My results have come back negative, which has totally surprised me.
Statistically, I have a 17% of having breast cancer again. If I chose to have a Mastectomy, I have a 95% chance of it not returning.
After lots of soul searching I have chosen to have the Mastectomy with two Reconstructions.
Any thoughts anyone?

I have not had a mastectomy myself, only lumpectomy so can’t comment on the actual procedure etc, but looking at the stats they have given you I would definately say you have made the right choice to go ahead with it. Although not pleasant I think it gives you the best outcome in the long run.
Take care

I’ve discovered what I feel are new lumps in my remaining breast before I have even finished chemo. My oncologist says they feel like fibrocystic changes but she agreed I should have an ultrasound to check them out.

I had originally thought my left breast invasive ductal carcinoma was “just another cyst”, so I am coming down heavily in favour of a risk-reducing right Mx with immediate reconstruction, if I can combine that with my left DIEP I am hoping for at some point, even if my current lumps turn out to be B9!
This is a conversation I have yet to have with any surgeon or doctor though!!!

I had IBC in 2008, chemo, then mx and rads to the right breast.

In 2012 a routine mammo found BC in the left breast, I asked to have it removed but my hospital refused to do it and I just had a lumpectomy followed by rads.

I’ve had nothing but problems with this breast since, I was burned by radiotherapy which caused a hole in my skin that refused to heal and after yet more surgery to close it up, it just feels lumpy and horrible, also under my arm too.

I really wish they had followed my wishes and let me have a second mx -

The only answer really is the one you are most comfortable with, the one that may just give you some peace of mind.
I was Dx with idc in January 2012, and I chose to have a prophylactic mx alongside the bc mx - with immediate bilateral DIEP recon.
I was not in a high risk group ie BRCA, just the higher than average risk that having had bc once gives you. My team were very supportive of my decision, and I honestly have no regrets, and I believe I made the decision that was right for me.
Sue x

I’m toying with the same thing at this very moment. I was diagnosed in 2007, had all the surgery, chemo, radio followed by 5 years of Zoladex and arimidex. I was hoping that after the 5 years I could come of the drugs and start again, but a meeting with a different consultant has thrown me into a quandry. he thinks I should stay on them
I’m now considering a oophrectomy and double masectomy to just reduce the chances of anything rearing its ugly head again. Both my mother and grandmother had BC, my mum was dead at 44…Im 43!
Think you’ve probably made the right choice for you, hope everything goes well. I shall carry on pondering…