Had first annual mammo, now waiting for results!!

Hi all,

I had my first annual mammogram yesterday, after being diagnosed last March age 34. I was shi**ing myself to be honest with you and thought I’d burst into tears at any moment!

So, now thats done I find myself playing that game we all hate, the waiting game. Unless I hear otherwise I am due to get the results when I see my surgeon on 23rd April. Blimey, its gonna be a long couple of weeks! Anyone else in a similar position at the mo?

I’ve already been warned by the lovely radiographer that I may well get recalled prior to the 23rd to take more images. Apparently this is perfectly standard procedure as the tissue in younger women is more dense. Tell you what though, all her reassurrances will do little to stop me worrying even more if I do get a recall!

To everyone else that is currently waiting for results, I wish you all the very best,

Take care and thanks for reading,


Hi Kelly,
I know you went to same hospital as me for chemo (RSH) but don’t know where you see your breast consultant. I go to PRH. At PRH the consultant radiologist is sooooo thorough. My cancer did not show up on the mammogramm but I was still recalled for ultrasound as I have fibroademomas and breasts are very dense as you say (I am 42). Anyway, it was while she was checking something she had seen on the mammogram that she discovered my tiny little cancer. I think I was very lucky that she found it because there was no detectable lump there and nothing showed on the mammogram. Apparently that had never happened at the hospital before.

What I am trying to say is that there is probably a high chance that you will get recalled as they just have to take a closer look at certain areas with younger breasts. I think I have had two mammograms years ago and both times they have taken a closer look with ultrasound but found the areas to be benign lumps.

I’ve had an attempt at making you feel calmer and hope it hasn’t made you feel worse!

You have given me great advice in the past when I was going through chemo. I start rads on Monday and herceptin sometime after that.

Lorna X

Just read your comments and I too am in the same position as you, had my first mammogram about 10 days ago,and get results on Wednesday,I am 39 and trying to keep everything together for the family, but inside I am falling apart,seem to find spring cleaning a way of coping. Also a bit snappy with my husband.This waiting lark just sucks.Try to keep busy
anything to try and distract you alittle. Let us know how you get on.


Sorry posted to Lorna, meant to send to Kelly.

Hi Ladies

God, I’m really worried now…

I’ve got my first mammogram on Monday and haven’t been bothered about it until now. Am even going on my own.

I’ve just been under the maybe naieve impression that even though I finished chemo at the end of August, followed by rads. that at this early stage, SURELY there won’t be anything there ? I’m also on herceptin now.

Lots of love to anyone who’s in a similar boat at the minute, and remember to let us know once you get your results back.
I’m sure we’ll all be fine girls!

Love Julie xxx

I have just got the date in for my first mammogram after being diagnosed last June at 37. I can’t believe where the last 10 months have gone - i’ve been so busy fighting to stay alive.
Good luck ladies!!
Let’s hope this is the first Mammo of many many to come!!


Hi princess,
What is it about shropshire? I’m facing my first annual mammogram next thurs and was so emotional about it that i put my first post on here and got lovely replies from thistle & thrifty. I feel a bit better now but no doubt will be a bit jelly like by thurs, i’ve taken the day off work & my friend is coming. I know what you mean about the waiting, the thought of it freaks me out. I’ve phoned julie BC nurse at RSH to see if theres anyway she can help speed up the results but haven’t heard from her yet. Glad your radiologist was lovely, gives me hope! Take care & look after yourself, lots of good chocolate over the next few weeks i think, the weight gained during chemo won’t be coming off just yet i fear!!
Best Wishes Rivergirl.

Hi Ladies,

thank you all so much for your responses, much appreciated as ever! I must admit I do feel a lot better about things now and have calmed down considerably since the mammo on fri.

Lorna - Don’t you worry, your post didn’t make me feel worse at all. Yes it was PRH that I had the mammo done, and I know what you mean about the cons radiologist, she’s ace. I hope all goes well with your first day of rads tomorrow, I was in ‘Linac 3’ at RSH and I remember the machine totally blew me away when I first saw it!

Heidi - Sorry to hear you’re playing the waiting game too. I really hope the news on weds is good, please do let us know. I will of course be thinking of you and keeping everything crossed.

Julie - Don’t you be worrying about goin on your own tomorrow. I took my OH with me cause I’m a bit of a baby and it gave him an excuse to have a day off, but to be honest I think I would’ve been ok if he weren’t able to be there. I really hope all goes well, will be thinking of you and looking out for a message from you saying how it went.

Muddy - Good luck to you too. I hope your first mammo goes well, as does all of ours. Do let us know how you get on as and when.

Rivergirl - Are you having your mammo at RSH on thurs? Mine was at PRH. At least if you’re friend is comin with you you could perhaps make a bit of a day of it. Spot of lunch and shopping always works for me! I do hope you get on ok and Julie doesn’t make you wait too long. My BC nurse is Pat at PRH and I didn’t think to ask if she would have the results any sooner.

Take care all and thanks again for taking the time to reply,

Good luck all,


Just had my first mammogram. Agonising wait of three weeks for results but its all clear!
What a relief.
Tumour on hip has also got smaller so fingers crossed for a quiet year. I dont have to go back to the hospital till september which is very scary!
Good luck all waiting for results


thanks princess, yes thurs at RSH for my mammogram. Glad you are feeling more chilled, hopefully i will to after the event.
take care, rivergirl.

Hi Kelly,
I am surprised you have to wait for the mammo resuslts. I (stupidly) thought the check ups would be like the fast track clinic where you go along and get the results on the same day. I don’t look forward to that much.


I’m also RSH. I have my first post-treatment check up this Wednesday, after finishing rads a month ago. I was originally diagnosed beginning of June last year and had chemo, lumpectomy and rads. NED at time of surgery.

I have no idea what the first check up comprises. Do they just have a feel around or do they send me off for a mammogram/ultrasound (at PAH)? Do they do scanning at next quarterly review time instead as that’s closer to a year since diagnosis, and only send me off now if they find something they want checked out?

mousy, not sure if more worried they’re going to find something or that they’re not going to find something…

Oooops, just noticed you’re talking about Shropshire. I’m a different RSH - Royal South Hants - so procedures may differ…


HI princess,
thinking about you & hoping all goes well for your appt tomorrow, let me know how you get on. i’m still awaiting results, hopefully get them soon, feeling quite twitchy & tearful at the mo, the waiting is so horrible. take care,
best wishes rivergirl x

Hi rivergirl I am also at RSH back today to see Dr Agrawal.Had 1st post op mammo last October all was well.Did you know you could choose to have mammo privately[£200]and you get the results in an hour?Did you have Mr Usman as your surgeon?I did he was lovely and so thorough.Good luck,horacee{Val}xx
ps why didnt you come to our meet?Next time maybe?xx

Hi horace,
thanks for the support. my surgeon was mr prscyna who was very good, i did speak to julie (bcn) about being able to get the results more quickly, she said she’d see if she could help but then didn’t get back to me. i phoned the nuffield and they said i couldnt go there because of the breast cancer hx. where could i go for one privately? if i can i will next time , this waiting is sending me doolally. was working the friday you all met or i would have come. take care & thanks again for your message.

Hi rivergirl,

thank you so much for thinking of me and sending your best wishes. I am shi**ing myself to be honest, among other things because going to that clinic on a weds afternoon does not fill me with happy memories and I know I wilol be thinking back to when I was diagnosed a year ago.

Anyway, keep everything crossed for me and of course I’ll do the same for you. Keep in touch x

Horace - How did the meet go? I am so sorry I had to cancel, giving you little or no notice, couldn’t be helped though I’m afraid. Hope you all had a great time though,

Take care,


Hi guys,
Well i phoned for my results today and yippee they were all clear, poor dusty the cat got sobbed over all and my best friend got cried on too when she rang me, the relief is immense. don’t fancy another fortnight that like for a long time.

Princess - how did you get on yesterday, i’ve been thinking about you.

Best wishes to all especially those who kept me sane with thier kind words,
Rivergirl x


Nice one rivergirl, I’m well pleased for you, what a relief eh?! My results were also good (hurrah!!!), my mammo was ‘clear’. I was sooooo nervous before I went in, I felt I was about to burst into tears at any moment. Mind you, I felt even more emotional after I had been given the results!

Thanks for all your support, and best of luck to anyone else who is waitin for results,

Take care,


Hi princess,
I’m so pleased for you, i’ve been thinking about you & hoping you got on ok. I know what you mean about being emotional afterwards, it takes a few days to recover doesn’t it. take care,
best wishes, rivergirl.