Had last chemo today !!

Hi girls

just thought I would share with you my elation at having my last chemo this morning. Will probably have a rough couple of days, but who cares, this is the last one hooooooraaaaaay !!!

Just knowing it was the last makes you feel tons better. I am sure you girls will feel the same when it is your turn ! It is such a relief. We can start planning a week’s holiday soon, yippeee …

Love to all
Diane x

Well done Diane.

Rough days (if you have them) won’t matter as you know you have done it!

Enjoy planning a holiday.

Margaret x

Brilliant news Diane - well done !

Love Julie xxx


Fantastic news, well done, I’ve recently had my last and the days just get better and better.


Hi Diane

It must be a wonderful feeling, really looking forward to it.

Kim x

Hi Diane,
Well Done!!!
Thats great news…
Enjoy planning your holiday!


Well Done Diane,

Enjoy booking that holiday, you deserve it!!!


Jealous Jealous Jealous…sorry I mean WELL DONE!!!
That’s great, book the best, most expensive hotel you can find!!! Sod it!

Love and hugs

Hi Diane,

huge congrats to you on finishing chemo, what a milestone! Woohoooooo!!! I have just 1 more cycle of CMF to go, my day 1 is next weds and my very final day 8 CMF should be on Oct 10th (bloods permitting!), so hopefully I’ll be joining you very soon!!!

Congrats once again, now go get that holiday booked!!

Take care,


Hi Diane,

What good news! I had my last one two weeks ago, and apart from a slightly iffy mouth I now feel fine. We’re planning a family skiing holiday in February to celebrate.

Had my tattoos this morning for rads - srarting 18 October for four weeks. I am expecting it to be a doddle after chemo


Well done Diane, great news. Congrats on finishing your chemo. Am only half way through, but getting there.

Take care

Just to add my congrats Diane, Well Done and really enjoy your holiday.
Love Jillianxx

woohoo… well done and hope u have a lovely holiday!!!

Well Diane. I have one more to go and am so looking forward to joining you my love. Well done you. Have a great holiday and really enjoy every moment.

Take care


hi girls

thanks for all your good wishes.
I am waiting now to join the Rad gang, onwards and upwards !!
Diane x