Had Mammo, told wait could be up to 6 weeks.

Hi all

I had a mammo last Friday after finding a lump in my right breast. When I first saw GP, she could feel the lump but when I was seen at BCC the Clinical Fellow said she could not feel a definitive lump but breast thickening. So she scheduled a mammo to be sure and as a 'baseline for when I am 50 and have screening, I’m 40 at present.

There is a definate lump and it has got bigger.I think being pre menstrual on day of exam and having very unusually full breasts may have masked it on exam.

I rang the BCC today to ask when results would be and was told up to six weeks unless I have a follow up app’t booked (I don’t ). I don’t know why I wasn’t given one?.

I am getting increasingly worried as I now have a lump on one of my ribs under my breast and it’s painful in that whole area and between my breast and collarbone on right side is swollen and have lump in my neck. I’m thinking I should go back to GP as my Mother said to me today that they must think its nothing due to the wait, but how can they tell by just feeling it.

I am so frustrated right now, does anyone have any advice please. Sorry to ramble on.


Hi Leanne

You are understandably worried, so do go back to your GP or medical team for support if you need it.

You might also find a call to our Helpline helps. They’re open 9-5 on weekdays and 9-2 on Saturday.

0808 800 6000

Please give them a call if you need to .

Best wishes.