had my first chemo today

Hi all

Had my first chemo today one down five to go. Just to let those of you who will be having there first chemo. I was very anxious but the chemo nurce was brilliant I asked a lot of questions. Came home have had toast whent to bed just to relax for a hour got up had a chocolate bar. I don’t like water that much but I am doing what they advised so keep on drinking.

1 down 5 to go!!  That’s one way of looking at it :smileyhappy:  I’m due to be starting in a week or so, and like you, I’ll be taking whatever advice they give.  But I suppose we all have to wait and see how things go and ultimately do what’s right for us at the time!!

Glad your first one gone ok. I’m having surgery first (next week) so chemo about 4 weeks away for me.

I’m liking the “wake up and have a chocolate bar” part - I hope that is compulsive on chemo treatment!


Hi glad all went well. I am having my FEC X1 on Monday with 5 more to follow. Had my golden locks shorn to spiky look today and picked up my wig in readiness for chemo 2 when it starts to fall out. Wore my wig home from the shop and must say it was comfortable. My friend was so impressed she bought one to match her hair so she can stay in bed longer before rushing to go to work. Mark you she is quite mad. Off to my favourite place tomorrow - the dentist. Love to all our chemo ladies and will keep you posted as to how I get on next week. XXX

Hi all
There is a monthly chemo thread running for March 15 starters if anyone would like to join in, there’s lots of users and information sharing experiences, here’s the link:


Best wishes
Lucy BCC