Had my first chemo

Hello ladies, had my first chemo this afternoon feeling ok at the moment.


Great! Well done you.

Take it easy - sometimes it’s a while before you start to feel your energy drift away, and you want to keep your energy for the best bits of your day. Take the meds as directed and you’ll be fine.

Hope you have something nice for tea today!

Thank you RevCat :::::::)X I will

Rose x

Gd luck take it easy can take a few days to come out

Thank you laura:::slight_smile: i will x

Rose X

Hello UK Rose - 1st one done - at least you know what to expect next time. I too was waiting for a huge impact after the first chemo, but a apart from a little nausea the first one was the easiest.
I’m trying to just take each one as it comes and tick them off - nearly half way there for me now.
Good luck with yours.

Thank you Slendablenda::::)x I will

Rose x

Well done Rose :o)

Thank you elttiks:::)X

that’s good, one down,well done and as the others say take it easy & look after yourself x

first one out the way! Count down has begun!

Fingers crossed SEs are kind to you

Daisygirl xx