Had my lumpectomy November 5

Hi All

I’m relatively new to the threads and I thought I’d post in a group where we are all at around the same stage.

I was diagnosed with a 7mm stage 1 invasive BC and with 35mm DCIS around it and ER+. I’m still waiting for the results of my HER2.

I had my surgery on Monday I was really panicked but all seemed to go very well according to what they said afterwards. I’m not really sure what that means. I go back for my results next Thursday at which point I’m going to be told what my treatment will be. I’m particularly panicking about being HER2 + as I really don’t want to have to go through chemo.

On another note, can anybody let me know if I should be taking off my steri strips before my appointment or if they will do this for me?

I have no idea how long after the surgery I would normally start radiotherapy. If I need chemo and Herceptin I guess I’ll have these first? Just thinking about how this will all work out with Christmas on the horizon. Weird thing to worry about all things considered but hey ho my head is all over the place at the moment. The only thing I remember them telling me after the op is that everything went really well, I don’t remember much else.

Really happy to be able to share this with you lovely ladies, I really don’t feel alone on here despite having a very caring husband who has and is being amazing.

Is anyone else at a similar place to me treatment wise?

Hugs ?

Mandy xx



Hello and welcome to the forum.  Good to hear that you are doing well after your surgery.


With regard to your steristrips, you could give your breast care nurse a call on Monday and check with her to see what she says, I would be inclined to leave them alone at the moment until you get advice.


I know when I started my radiotherapy it was about 5 weeks after my surgery.  If you are only having rads you will get an appointment from your oncologist who will go through things with you, will check how you wound is to make sure that it is healed sufficiently for you to start rads.  You should then receive an apt date for your planning session, which I had about two weeks after seeing my oncologist and then I started rads about 3 weeks after that.


It might be an idea to write down all the questions you have so that you can get answers to them when you see your surgeon on Thursday or ask your bcn when you call her on Monday, they will be very happy to go through them with you so that you can be reassured.


Helena xx

Hi Helena

Thanks for responding. I’ll make a list of questions for my surgeon on Thursday, seems like a good idea.

I don’t remember getting a breast care nurse but maybe I did, I’ll have to have a look and give her a call. Might she have my HER2 results do you think? Is she allowed to give them to me on the phone?

Mandy xx

Thanks Helena :slight_smile:

Are you still in treatment? Hope it is going as well as it can.


HER2 results can take weeks. Steristrips usually stay on a week.

Oh wow that’s great news Helena.

How are you feeling on Tamoxifen?

I still don’t t fully understand how they grade the cancer. Mine was only 7mm. So you know what the stage means?

Mandy xx

Hi Getorade, how are you? What about your results? I hope they were good! Did you need chemo or not? Have you started radiotherapy?

I had lumpectomy three days ago and my arm, armpit and side are so numb, did you feel the same?

Carol xx

Hi Helena, it’s so good to hear that you have been handle well with Tamoxifen for two years! They also suggest Tamoxifen for ten years to me and I’m terrified. Ten years it’s too much and side effects can be terrible! Can I ask if you had menopause because of Tamoxifen?

Carol xx

Oh gosh, more numbness? I already can’t handle with it four days after surgery ?

Hi Carol

I’m fine thanks.

I had my results they came back at 15 so no chemo for me :slight_smile:

I had my lumpectomy and lymph node done on Nov 5 and yes it felt numb under my arm for a few weeks. They got a 1mm clearance of good tissue so I am going back in today to have a further clearance and then I start radiotherapy at the end of Jan.

Hope you are recovering well xx

Hi Mandy, I feel happy for you to have skipped chemo!?

I didn’t understand what you said about going to further clearance since your said they got clear margins, right? How was that yesterday? Is everything ok?

Best wishes :slight_smile:

Carol xx

Hi Carol

They told me initially they got clear margins but as it was only a 1mm clearance so they wanted to do a further clearance. They did that yesterday and ask went well as far as I know.

I go for my results on the 27th.

I’m on Anastrozole now and have been for a couple of weeks. All going well on these, no real side effects so can see myself taking them for 5 years.

How are you getting along?


Hi Mandy! Sorry for haven’t replied before. With Christmas I forgot about everything. What about your results? I hope It has been good news!

I’m two weeks post surgery and still feeling very sore, but my family is here and I can forget a bit about pain and worries and just enjoy their company ?

Take care :slight_smile:


Hi Carol

Nice to hear from you. Hope you enjoyed Christmas.

I get my results on the 3rd. They initially told me the 27th but with it being Christmas the letter they sent says the 3rd.

Sorry to hear you’re still sore. I’m not so sore now.


Hey Mandy, how was that? Everything ok?

Yes, I had a good Christmas and New year, thanks. I’m still having a good time, since my family is visiting :slight_smile:

What about you?


Hi Carol

Sorry for the delay in responding. Follow up appointment went well. They got a good clear margin so all good now. I have my appointment with the Oncologist on the 17th to talk about my next treatment, radiotherapy which I’m going I can start soon. How are you doing? Xxx