Had seroma operation - I'm back, and well.

Went into Hospital yesterday as a day case, to have my unresolved seroma sorted out. It was done at my local hospital, even though I’m under a different hospital for my oncology etc, because that’s where my mastectomy was done originally.
I have to say they were absolutely brilliant. First of all, they put me in a private room, as they were sensitive to the idea that I might not want to discuss things with other patients / embarrassed about my totally bald head. Secondly the nurse who cared for me couldn’t do enough, and was truly a beautiful person. Thirdly the anaesthetist was a genius, and managed to get the cannula in at the first attempt, despite my collapsed veins. Finally, the surgeon has done a terrific job, and has even removed all the excess skin that was hanging over my bra. It has made such a difference, that last night was the first in over 15 months were I have not had discomfort.
I would love to say the name of the hospital, but I don’t know if it’s allowed - but lets just say it’s in Haywards Heath.

Dear Lemongrove,
So glad everything went well for you and that the hosp in H Heath did you proud as its my local hospital too.
all best wishes for a speedy recovery.

That’s fantastic news Lemongrove - so glad it went well.

finty x

So pleased for you, I had Seroma, it’s awful… Take care xxx

So glad you have got the operation over and feeling well. I just hope when I see the Consultant on the 5th April he will decide to sort me out and get rid of my problem with Seroma/fluid and finally stitch the hole where my breast was. It`s great to know I am not alone with this problem and it can be fixed. Pam

Thanks for letting us know Lemongrove and wonderful to hear you had such good treatment.
My surgeon (in another part of Sussex) was also fantastic when I had seroma problems and when my wound reopened - he added me that day onto his private list in the private suite even though I was NHS.

Hope this is a complete success and you recover quickly.
Elinda x

Glad to hear, I’m so pleased for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery. :slight_smile:

Hi Lemongrove

Glad to hear it all went well, and that your short hospital visit was a pleasant experience. Look after yourself


Hi Lemongrove,

Glad all went well for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Great to know you are feeling better and had such a positive experience in hospital too - isn’t is such a help when the staff are so professional and supportive…