Had surgery, now waiting for pathology result next Wed.....

Hi Ladies,


After 5 weeks of waiting I had my surgery last Thursday.  First few days I felt sleepy, light headed but didnt have much pain at all.  Yesterday noticed swelling under armpit and a bit more pain, GP said I had small heamatoma but breast care nurse was happy to leave until I see her next week unless it got a lot worse over wknd.  My bruising has changed colour from black to green, Incredible Hulk comes to mind!  lol! 


Anyone else experiencing swelling post surgery?


The next big hurdle is my appt next Wed to find our results of lymph node study, fingers crossed for a good result.  I should be getting good at this ‘waiting game’ but it doesnt get any easier does it?  


Anybody just had their post op appt?? How did it go?  


Thanks for your continued support



Hi Sandra

glad op went well,  I didn’t have any big swelling issue’s my op was on 25th may and pretty much feel over surgery and going back to work on 29 june.

had my meeting with surgeon yesterday for results,  take someone with you that can make notes and take in more detail than you probably will be able to and you can ask for a copy of the path report

did they give you any indications before what the plan might be?

good luck and keep chatting here,  helps soo  much. One of the threads I use is just diagnosed,  great bunch of boobie brigaders there

sheena xxx

Hello SARN66 (& everyone else on this journey no one wants to be on):catsad:


I’m new here & glad to have people to share all this with. Is anyone else being treated at the Churchill Hospital in Oxford?


I had surgery (therapeutic mammoplasty & SLNB) for Grade 3 invasive micropapillary cancer on 8/6 & am going back on Wed 24/6 for results & treatment plan.  All this waiting is so hard.  I have been told that I am ‘at high risk’ of needing further surgery ie a mastectomy.  I really hope I don’t need it. Hope I don’t need chemo, though it’s likely I will.  Dreading the future but fed up of being in limbo. Does anyone else find it a lonely experience?

I had surgery on the 8th June and I’m going back to see the consultant tomorrow for results. I hate waiting for results but also hate not knowing what is going happen next and when. Friends and family ask what now I know I will have radiotherpay and tablets but not when it will happen. Still feel like its happening to someone else , due to go back to work on Monday - but to be honest I don’t know how I feel about that too. Feeling confused!

Good luck Lynne ,if you are not mentally ready to go back to work don’t.This illness takes it’s toll mentally as well as physically ,I have decided not to go back to work in between treatments as I just can’t concentrate.

Good morning all you lovely ladies

good luck for those of you getting your results x

I’m still waiting for an appointment to see oncologist to make decisions re having chemotherapy

will be thinking of you all

love and hugs

sheena xx