Had surgery now waiting for results

Been reading all your messages before I had surgery and found very helpful. Had surgery on 7th - Segmental mx and SNB (took 2 lymph nodes out). Pain was bearable until yesterday now agony but very bruised around SNB. why is there no mention anywhere of segmental mx it all seems to be mx or WLE, only knew i was having segmental as read paperwork, my scar is about 6cm the lump originallly was 2cm when dx. I haven’t been told what type or stage and didn’t know what to ask when told had BC, just told op and rads. REsults appoint on 20th, what should I ask then?

Dear Kinsse

So sorry you have had to join us but the warmest of welcomes to you.

Going by my experience, I had WLE and SNB on 29 March get results this Wednesday. I had IDC, 3cm lump that was they said quite deep. I had a large amount of tissue removed from around lump so hoping for clear margins in that tissue when I go this week. If not, more surgery possibly more tissue or mastectomy. I know it was stage 3 but not the grade I will find this out on Wednesday.

You may want to ask the following:

  1. Is it Hormone Receptive - do you require Tamoxifen
  2. Is it HER2 Positive - do you require Herceptin
  3. Due to size of lump and your age do you require Chemo
  4. Do you require Radiotherapy

I have been told that due to my age (46) and the size of the lump I will require chemo for five months to offer full body protection from cancer cells and then 3 weeks of radiotherapy after directly to the right breast where cancer was.

I am sure there may be other things that people may suggest but this is some of the questions I asked.

Hope this helps, the area around SNB is very sensitive and I am still sore two weeks after surgery so it is not unusual.

Keep in touch and ask any questions you need, we are all here for you.

Love & hugs
Tracy xxxxxx

Miniminx, you may be confused between STAGE and GRADE. You are GRADE 3, but don’t know STAGE until you get the node results.

Kinsse, I would add to that list and ask what type of cancer is it (there are about 12 or 13 different kinds, all slightly different) and is it in the nodes. That will also have a big impact on your treatment plan.

If you do have to have chemotherapy, ask what regime you are likely to need, and then you’ll be able to read up on it, if you’re that kind of person.

If your SNB scar is painful, give your BCN a ring and get her advice. She may want you to come in so she can have a look as you might have an infection (so might need anti-biotics) or a haematoma (an accumulation of blood) or a seroma (an accumulation of plasma) around the site, both of which she can deal with to make it more comfortable.

Hi kinsse I’m another who had partial max,I thought I was having lumpectomy and it wasn’t until I came round after surgery that I was told I’d had partial/central max.My scar is about 6in long and I have no nipple or the bit that surrounds it (can’t blooming think what its called lol.)

I didn’t ask any questions when I went for my results didn’t have a clue lol, but everything was explained to me like grade, stage, lymphnode involvement, size of tumour and hormonal status.I was told that I would need chemo,rads and tamoxifen but wasn’t told what regime I was going to have until I had appointment with Oncologist and wasn’t given HER2 status until some weeks later as this had to be sent away for testing.

Wishing you all the best with your results


I am a guy trying to support a partner just diagnosed. This is all a jungle that we never wanted to enter. Is there anything at all that will help. I am living with a woman I don’t know this week.

How on earth do you begin to provide support, can anyone offer me a bit of advice as to what she needs and how I begin?

Sorry to be a voyeur in here, not really sure where the guys space is please redirect if I am in the wrong spot. Any advice would be really welcome.

Thanks U

Dear Upthecreek

So sorry to hear that your partner has just been diagnosed with bc, a shock to the system for both of you.

You are in the right place for help and support so welcome.

With regard to your comment about living with a woman you don’t know this week…all I can say is your partner is trying to come to terms with being a person she does not know now. Her life has changed completely, she is not the person she used to be that is what this hideous disease does to you unfortunately. To find out you have cancer and the worst case scenario is loss of your breast is a bitter pill to swallow and does affect you both physically and mentally. The rollercoaster of emotions is relentless, that is sometimes the hardest thing to deal with.

Speaking personally for me, all I wanted from my husband was the reassurance of knowing he was there and the safety of a hug but not only in my low moments. Do not take the mood swings personally she does not mean it, no point in trying to be the voice of reason just hold her and make sure she knows you will be her strength whenever she needs you to be. I should start by just reassuring her of how much you love her and will always be with her and just trust your instincts and have those arms open and ready when she needs them.

Hope this helps but do continue to post anytime you need help.

Good luck and be strong
Tracy xxx

Upthecreek, you’ve come to the right place to find a paddle.

There are quite a few partners supporting their wives, so you’re not alone. There’s a section called Family, partners and friends so you might want to start a thread in there to say hello and I’m sure others in your position will be along very quickly to welcome you and offer their support. And of course all the people on here who are going through what your partner’s going through will also be able to help you get a bit of perspective and give tips on things that might help in your situation.

Welcome, and very sorry you have reason to join us.


Hi Up thecreek

Welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the valuable support you have here please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 where you can talk things through with one of our team in confidence, the line is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

BCC have published a booklet called ‘In it together’ which is aimed at partners of those diagnosed, you may find it helpful, here’s the link:


Take care

Hi Upthecreek, sorry your partner finds herself here and that you have joined us in the bc nightmare.

I gave my OH a really hard time. I was just so scared (first of finding it had spread while I was waiting for results and even post op and having fortunately found it wasn’t in nodes, then about feeling hideous, what treatment, what side effects and so on.) I wanted a hug and also to know that he would still find me attractive post treatment. That isn’t helped by going through treatment which can make you feel awful too.

Just be there. Try to realise that it is fear speaking and that it will pass. I look back now at snapping and taking it out on my OH sometimes when it was bc I was angry with and feel so sad that I did that. I am still waiting for rads but feel much more normal than I ever thought I would feel again. I still feel very lacking in confidence. This has shaken me in a way that will take time to get over. I was quite body confident and outgoing but I can feel myself seeming needy and unreasonable.

Waiting for results is the pits, hang on in there. You will both get through it xx