had ultrasound and biopsy today...

Hi everyone

I wanted to start by saying I am overwhelmed how good the nhs have been. I saw my gp and was referred due to a breast lump and had an appointment in 10 days (9 if you don’t count bank holiday). The care has been faultless. I’m back in 5 days for my results.

I had an ultrasound and biopsy today. The docs who checked me first said it was most likely benign but an ultrasound would be best. I wasn’t able to havd a mammogram due to being under 35. I didn’t want to feel relieved until I had been through everything.

The ultrasound woman said she too thought it was 99% probably benign but would do a biopsy to be absolutely sure. I waivered at this point.

Part of me thought - why? Why would you if its benign?

The rational part thought - if I were a doctor I wouldn’t want to take any chance with any patient either. If there was a 1% chance I wasn’t sure I’d biopsy too.

I want to go with my rational self but my brain is playing tricks on me! 1 minute I feel okay and the next I am convinced they said things to make me feel better and that actually they suspect something. Or what if they make mistakes all the time?

If it is something bad will they try to see me sooner?

Is this normal while waiting for results?

Hi I’m 26 and was diagnosed last week. I wouldn’t worry too much if that is possible, the Dr wouldn’t tell you they thought it was benign unless that’s what they think. Mine went from blocked milk duct/abscess to being worrying/likely to be cancer in 10 minutes. If they are worried they will tell you so that you can prepare your self x

Hi kate. Thanks for responding. I just went ans found your post and I cant believe you were encouraged to ignore especially by the midwife. I know boobs do weird things in pregnancy (I’m 25 weeks pregnant). Mine have gone up 3 cup sizes, leak milk, are super warm. Its endless. How are you getting on?

The first check the doc said a cyst or blocked duct but the ultrasound doc said fibrodema (can’t spell) I think that alarmed me too. I know it was said it seemed benign But it cant be both and if they are still changing their minds as to what it is they could change it again and its something worse. Maybe I’m letting my paranoia run away with me.

I know it makes me angry it was ignored for at least 6 months.
How are you feeling today? Hope it is getting a little easier waiting x

Hi kate. I manage the waiting okay but it gets worse as I get closer to my appointment!

Would you mind me asking what care you are receiving now you have your results? Was the midwife informed? I’m pregnant and my midwife is also very “careless” with her approach to the point I asked to change.

Hi goldie
The care that I am getting now is great, I have a lovely team of breast care nurses and lots of people who know what they are doing. I haven’t started active treatment yet but will do in a couple of weeks. I have been advised to have chemo first which is fairly uncommon but I think they are worried about it spreading as it is aggressive and they don’t want to take any chances. I have a meeting with the oncologist tomorrow so will know more then.
Did you get your results? How are you feeling? I was very overwhelmed for a week x

Hi everyone. I’m awaiting my second referral in six months. I’m not pregnant though - I have four children but I’m 39 now and done with pregnancy.


At my last appointment back in December I received no explanation for my lump and tethering, other than it was a proable blocked milk duct. Nothing showed up on the mammogram or ultrasound and I wasn’t offered a biopsy, just told that sometimes things can’t be explained and sent home.


Now I’ve found a new bigger lump in the same breast but in a different area. I’m awaiting my appointment.


Good luck to you. I really hope that your results come back with reassuring news.

Hi Emma and welcome to the BCC forums where I am sure you will find the support you are looking for, please also feel free to call our helpliners to talk through any concerns or queries on 0808 800 6000. Lines are open 9-5,weekdays and 10-2 Saturdays.

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Goldie,


When I had my u/s the lady told me straight away she thought the lump looked suspicious.  I think they have a fairly good idea of what they are looking at.  She did a biopsy there and then and a week later I was diagnosed with Grade 2 Ductal breast cancer.  Just one lump and no evidence that it has spread.  Will have op and some radiotherapy.


Hope all goes okay for you.