Had ultrasound and mammogram and have been recalled?

I first had a mammogram 5 years ago due to breast pain,it was all clear. I found a tiny lump in same breast before Christmas,had an ultrasound.,mammogram and a physical exam and was told I had nothing to worry about. I came home so relieved only to get a letter a week ago asking me to come back for further tests and another mammogram. I am petrified,especially as I have had an ultrasound already,surely they could see what they needed to see with both tests,what is going to happen next…help!

Hi tmcw, I really need to go to bed, but just seen your post. Whislt its terrifying, and of course you want it to be O.K., and IT MIGHT STILL BE OK ,if they need to look at someting its better they ask you to come back than ignore it, its better if you don’t have to go back of course. I had a routine mamogram like a lot of the ladies on here and I got recalled back, and my mamogram threw up a small 6mm, the size of your little fingernail, breast cancer. But ignorance is not bliss, if they need to double check its better than not. The people at the clinic are lovely, they will talk to you about why they want to see you, it looks like they did a lot of tests the first time, sometimes if its a cyst I think its difficult to always see so maybe they are being ultra cautious. You don’t say when they want you to go back, have you got to wait long for appointment. If so perhaps you could ring them and explain how worried you are. Its easy for us all to say, because we all did, but its the panic thats the worse, and the waiting. They may want to do a biopsy of the lump, I had one recently, and although I thought I’m going to faint, mostly with shock, it isn’t as bad as your worst fear. Sometimes its needed just to confirm that it is harmless. The biopsy is done in a matter of minutes and they give u a local to numb the area. If its really freaking you out, give them a ring and ask them to explain why they have asked to see you again.

Good Luck


Thanks for the reply,am going Wed 27 so will keep you posted. Thanks for the info…go to bed! thanks x

I can imagine how petrified you feel now having had the feeling of relief that there was nothing to worry about! I agree with what Blossom has said, it is far better that they are being cautious, they can then pick up the slightest thing and test it to make double sure. The thoughts and the waiting is the worst.
Try and be confident they’re taking the best care of you and fingers crossed they’re being over cautious and that will be that.
Take care :slight_smile: xxx