Hello ladies. I was diagnosed with DCIS by chance after having a mammogram for fluid-filled cyst on my other boob. I had a WLE on 21 st June when unfortunately my breast started to swell fairly rapidly during the evening. After being diagnosed with a haematoma, I was asked to return to hospital yesterday for an operation to remove this.
The op went well. I have been left with a drain and I’m on antibiotics as well as various form of pain relief. I would like to ask if there are any ladies out there who have experienced haematomas? I have small breasts and I’m wondering what kind of defect I will have as my surgeon led me to believe that my haematoma will add to the deformity. Thank you in anticipation. Amanda

Hi Amanda

I’m sorry you haven’t had any responses to your post as yet. Sometimes when the forums are busy posts can get overlooked.

You might find it helps to talk things over with someone on our Helpline. They are open from 9-5 on weekdays and 10-2 on Saturdays. 0808 800 6000.

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Hi Amanda I too had a haematoma after a WLE & SNB in March. I was prepped for theatre the day following my surgery in order to have a drain fitted, but ultimately my surgeon decided against further surgery as the haematoma seemed to have stabilised. In retrospect further surgery might have saved me an awful lot of problems along the way since then. I ended up having quite a bit of external bleeding and two needle aspirations - all of which you should avoid now that you have a drain fitted. In answer to your question about breast shape - although I had indentation for a while earlier on in the healing process, there is now no discernible difference in shape at all, so try not to worry. I don’t think it is helpful for your surgeon to use words such as deformity about this as it may have alarmed you when reassurance is what is needed. I am glad your op went well and hope you continue to recover well. Take care x x

Hate to say this but glad I am not alone in this ladies.
I had my first WLE and SNB on 5th June which healed fine but unfortunately there wasn’t a clear margin on one side so they had to do another WLE on the 10th July. This appeared to be healing okay until last week when it went all hard. I went to hospital last week for a scan and in the afternoon they did an aspiration which showed it was blood so not a seroma. Surgeon has decided to operate on Friday to sort me out, he thinks a blood vessel may have been nicked! Yesterday I woke with a more hard, swollen, red, hot boob for went back up to the hospital and now I also have an infection so am on antibiotics. Feeling really fed up especially as he says with each operation there is a risk of infection and haematoma!! Also that which each op the cosmetic look is compromised.
Sam x