Haematomas, what's going on?

Am beginning to get worried. Had Mx and anc clearance in January, then radiotherapy ending at Easter. Since the radiotherapy have had haematomas under the scar causing a hard long lump. It’s been drained twice but has come back again, more painful. I have to go in tomorrow to have a scan and have it investigated. I know these things happen but have now started worrying it may be a recurrence on the chest wall.May not be of course but I hit the panic button very quickly these days. has anyone else had this?. It’s not a sermoma, its like a hard old blood clot. Would appreciate any input please.
Maggie May

Hi Margaret,

Sorry to hear you’re having to go through more investigations. I hope some of your fellow forum users come on and give you some support tonight before your trip to the hospital tomorrow. If you would like a chat with one of our helpline staff before you go to hospital our helpline is open in the morning at 9am calls are free 0808 800 6000.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator