Hair cap for sleeping

Hi. Those who have already started chemotherapy, and decided to try cold capping. Did you buy a hair net or silk cap to sleep in? I haven’t brought anything yet. My first chemo is on Thursday.

I did but I haven’t used it so far. I keep my hair in a ponytail at nape and brush it with a detangle comb twice a day to ensure no matting and to take what’s out out. I leave hair tied up all day so that it keeps from falling out around the house. So far so good!
I also use a silk pillowcase for less friction. I am going well so far third round but will use the pillowcase if too much comes out and I look a fright!

Best of luck with it.

Ps the one I got is below on Amazon. Seems nice.
Hat Hut 100% Mulberry Silk Lined Sleep Cap Pure Silk Bonnet for Curly Hair Wrap Bonnet for Sleeping Silk Lined Slouchy Beanie

I only bought a silk pillow case which is very pleasant to sleep on regardless of chemo! So far so good. I usually tie my hair for the whole day so that I avoid touching it and it falls out less around the house. I also tie it before I go to bed.