Hair care

Hi. I’m in need of some advice. I am due to start chemo any day now. I am having major breakdowns about my hair. I have/had long hair which I have had cut to just above my shoulders. It is very thick however I have been told I will loose it. Can any one tell me a good shampoo & conditioner to use that may help the process also for when it grows back. Thanks in advance. Xxxx

Hi Mandy I finished my chemo last September and my hair has grown back, I just use Johnstones baby shampoo, I cut my hair off before treatment and donated it to the little princess trust and shaved the rest , got a wig and just wore that, I did nt want it falling out during chemotherapy xx

Oh god really. I’ve had about 10 inches cut off already I am struggling with the idea of shaving it off. Thank you for the advice. Baby shampoo it is then. Xx

Oh aine. Thank you so much for your email. Yes I am getting so upset about it. I have an appointment next week for a wig in preparation of this journey. Hopefully by September/early October all treatment will be done and I just have to recover and get back to being my normal self. Thank you again. Xx

hi mandy,i felt exactly the same about losing my hair,i have always had lovely thick ginger hair and yes i was devastated when it started falling out,i didnt want to shave it off but ended up having to as the hair was getting rediculous falling out everywhere all over my clothes,sink bath floor etc.once i shaved it i cried at the sight of me in the mirror with a shaven head but i wore wigs hats etc and now after finishing my last chemo in january it is finally starting to come back in lovely and thick very short atm but its defo growing back.i use johnsons baby shampoo also…so if u do lose yours or end up shaving it off remember that once chemo is over it will start growing back ,you never know you might suit it really short ;) 

Thank you so much ladies. It is so difficult and at times I feel completely alone. You all sound so strong and really brave. Thank you again xxx

Hi. Thank you for the friend request. However I’m a little new to this and still blonde how do I accept. ??

Hi aine. I hope you are doing ok. That’s good to hear it is growing back. I’ve read that slot that it comes Back grey/white. Bloody fabulous as if things are not bad enough at least it will keep my hair dresser in a job. I went for a wig fitting. Awful experience. Hated it and it looked shocking. I am looking into a real hair wig. Lots more expensive but far more natural. To be honest I think I may just stay in for approx 8 months until it’s all over and hair is back. ??