Hair changes

I know one of the side effects of hormone therapy is hair thinning, but has anyone else noticed their hair going curly?

I have noticed it during the past couple of months ( I am on Exemestane) and remarked on it to my hairdresser when she was cutting my hair last week. She said they’d had another client who said the same - and she was on treatment with drugs ( the sort you stay on for five years!) for cancer. She didn’t know I had had breast cancer.( 3 years ago now)

I haven’t had curly hair since I was a small child. So is it the hormone therapy? If it is, a pleasant side effect for a change?

Mine’s gone frizzy!

Oh, that’s not good.

Mine is just a pleasant natural wave. I’m rather pleased with that!

mine is slightly curly/kinky. I am on tamoxifen. My mum said it looks like the hair i had as a child. I dont mind it but it is a bit annoying sometimes. I was at a wedding on saturday and my hair was blowed dried straight and it went all kinky etc because it had started to rain.

I was told that sometimes the chemo can make your hair come through curly when it grows back. Could be thats aswell.

Chrissie xxxx

Oh I hope not! Mine is tight, wiry curls and I detest it! I had lovely hair pre bc and I have been clinging to the hope that I may feel more like me when my hair gets back to normal. Had hoped this was just chemo hair working it’s way through. I really, really hope curls are not a Tamox SE!!!

Jane x

Hi, I haven’t had chemo so no loss or re-growth of hair but I noticed after only a week of Femara that my hair changed. Always fine, deep waves and plenty of it, my hair lost its natural wave and volume to a point where I’ve had to change my style completely. It took a while to get used to the ‘new me’ with almost straight hair.