Hair coloring - found a chemical free dye

hi all

just thought i should share this with those who dont know about herbal hair dyes. I am on Xeloda and was told by my oncologist that i should in no way use any chemical hair dyes, otherwise i might lose my hair.

I am 90% grey at the age of 37 and after 5 months of walking around with my roots showing (I have dark brown hair) I found something that seems to be okayish. am experimenting with different colors and so far the color is gradually catching.

Logona hair dye - i buy it off a website called beauty bazaar and they cost about £10 (plus delivery charges). they do powder and creme colors but the creme dyes dont cater for all hair colors. I used a powder one and here are the pro’s and con’s

-natural plant derived produces
-not a bad choice of colors
-creme or powder choices depending on your hair color

  • you can mix different color powders to get your desired hair color

-lots of info on the product.
-be careful whilst chosing your color as the color guide is not that great (google to find a color chart and there is a site that has a good one). i made the wrong choice and its a pain as it was a costly mistake

  • the powder dye can be messy but you can recycle an old dye bottle and use this for hte mixture.
  • takes ages to color. i left it for 2 hours, but my hair hasnt been colored for 7ths, so i guess its stubborn hence the long wait.

just wanted to share this if anyone is interested.


So are you now happy with the result, even though it took you up to 2 hours?
If it makes you feel better, then its got to be worth it!
Love & light
Mercy x