HAIR COLOUR.. roots are 3inchs long

Hello ladies,

I finshed chemo 7 weeks ago and used the cold cap which was succesful for me,
now im desperate to get my roots done

How soon can you get them done
any help would be appreciated




Brilliant news about both finishing your chemo and for the success with the cold cap! I lost all my hair, though didn’t try the cold cap. My hair is now making a good appearance (I finished my chemo in Feb) and I have used a henna based colour twice to cover the gray!! I used a brown colour and kept it on for 45 mins and it did the trick very well and it has held the colour for about 3/4 weeks each time. I still resort to the wig for outdoors as I still don’t have the confidence to bare all to the world. So long as the colour has no ammonia and vegetable based my understanding is that this is fine. A reputable hairdresser should advise you of this also. There is also a Trevor Sorbie scheme where certain hairdressers do your first cut and colour after chemo for a donation to charity. Worth checking it out through Google. Go forth and enjoy your new hairdo! J.

Hi Donna,

I emailed Paxman to ask them about this and got the following response:

Although it is not recommended to colour your hair while having scalp cooling a number of patients have used a non-permanent natural vegetable-based cokouring product, which usually last from 3-6 weeks. (Try to avoid some Henna products which can contain ammonia and peroxide). (His type of colouring product can be obtained from high street outlets or natural health stores. Also here are a couple of websites for you;

If you do decide to colour your hair it is recommended that you do this the week before receiving your chemotherapy/scalp cooling treatment. It is advisable to continue with the same practices for a period of 6-8 weeks following your last treatment cycle where you a safe to return to normal hair products and procedures.

So, if you had a Paxman cold cap and want to go with their advice you’re almost OK to use normal hair stuff again.

But check with them directly too - I don’t want to be responsible if something bad happens!!

How much hair would you say you’ve lost overall? And was it a gradual thinning or did you have a sudden about of hairloss at any point? (I’m using the cold cap and thought I was going quite well, but a month in and I’ve suddenly had a big shed, and now am losing about 10 strands of hair everytime I run my fingers through my hair. Still loads left, but my partings are looking slightly wider!! And it’s deffo thinned.


Hey ladies… I just finished chemo today and I am anxious for my hair to grow back. How long would it take for it to start growing again?

Hello Ladies,

im so confussed on what colour to buy, Holland and barret colours contain Hydrogen Perioxide… Clairol Natural Instincs contains non perioxide or amonia… im now 8 weeks post chemo and im tempted just to have my ‘normal’ foils with colour in… but then i dont want to undo all the good work…

my hair is definalty stronger and i hardly loose any now when i wash it, plus ive started to use moose and straighners,

ANY advice would be wonderful



Hiya Donna,

Am in same postion as you so thought i would e mail Paxman and ask direct. I asked them how soon i could have highlights (in my case they are bleached ) and they said that after having cold cap wait 6-8 weeks then you can use anything that you would have used before, just to check with your hairdresser that your hair is not too dry!! So looks like we are good to go girl and just use whatever we wish!! See all that cold capping was worth it! Good luck Donna and well done!!

Love Salxx

wow weeeee im so excited now,

yes it was definalty worth it even though im still alittle thin on top i can see its starting to grow so its kinda shaded, i also have bleach on mine so maybe i wont be going into holland and barrat after all :wink:

well done to you too Sal…keep me informed how it goes, im going Thursday to my hairdresser’s now and i will be having a trim too…

good luck to everyone using the cold cap. stick with it xxx

love and hugs


Donna, good luck with the colouring. I think going to a professional is a good idea, even if you normally do it yourself.

Icare, it varies a lot from person to person, just as the falling out bit does. I finished in April, right before Easter, and I have about half an inch now. It started to grow back a few weeks after my final chemo, but at first I could feel it more than see it.

I had my hair cut!! and coloured today:))) Finished chemo on !4th april and have about an inch and a bit of growth. My hairdresser used a semi permanent colour and has done lots of ladies who have had treatment.
Kerry xx

hi i start my chemo on thursday. what happens with the cold cap

Hi guys,

I start my chemo in 2 weeks and am hoping I can use the cold cap. Been told it can be sore, but defo going to give it a go. In preparation Ive bought a colourant - Wella Colour Fresh ph 6.5 from Salon Services and Dr. Organic Bioactive Haircare Shampoo and Conditioner from Holland & Barrett. Has anyone any experience of these products whilst using the cold cap.


KellyM, I’m not sure you should use Wella colouring whilst using the cold cap as I’m pretty sure it will have chemicals in it. Maybe contact Paxman and see? They told me that it was not recommended to colour your hair, but if you did, to use vegetable based dyes. I decided against it as I am so pleased with the results so far and would hate to use something and have it all promptly fall out. I’m making do with scarves and hair bands and if my hair holds on until the end, I will then colour it as soon as it’s meant to be safe to do so.

I use Simple shampoo and conditioner, sleep on a silk pillowcase (bought a cheap one off Ebay and have never woken up with a hair on my pillow), don’t use any products or appliances and wash it about once a week (but my hair is really curly, so I can get away with that).

Hope the cold cap is a success for you. When do you start?