Hair colour?

Hair colour?

Hair colour? Hi , I am now three months post Chemo’ but my hair has been growing for about five. When they say you should’nt colour hair for six months does it mean from end of chemo’ or from when it started growing ? I am longing to colour mine so I can do away with my wig but dont want to do any harm. Also has anyone used the wash in temporary type colour sucessfully ? My hair has come through very grey and not wanting to grow old gracefuly yet !!! I will have to keep it covered until I can safely colour !!
Many thanks JillT

Hello Jill,

There have been a few threads on colouring hair post chemo recently, might be worth a scan through if you have time.

I have had my hair colored twice , finished chemo in July.
No problems at all, I’m sure the wash in/out colours are quite gentle too.

I think perhaps the 6 month wait is related to hair length rather than condition.
I’m usually a hightlights girl but you need an inch of growth for these and at six months mine still wasn’t long enough.

Now eight months on and it’s long enough at last!

good Luck

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I have posted a link to one the threads that Jackie has mentioned on hair colouring.

Breast Cancer Care also have a publication on Breast cancer and hair loss that has a section on When your hair grows back, that you may find helpful, the link is below.

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I finished my chemo in Aug and they will still not colour my hair and they reckon it will be 12 weeks away ie 2 cuts not impressed, they reckon my hair is still too fine and really its the same as it was pre dx. The tips are a little lighter and they want that well cut out before they go near it so perhaps all cases are different but I so wished I was in the colour gang!