hair colour

Hello Ladies

Can somebody help me out here on hair dyes, I’ve used the H&B naturtine twice now, my air came back mostly grey, first I used the dark blonde but it was a bit too gingery on me, then used wheatgerm which I think is a bit too light, I want to go darker but don’t know which shade to go for was hoping there would be a mid brown but there isn’t , has anyone tried the light chestnut or golden chestnut - just want to avoid a gingery effect, any advice gratefully received!!!


Hi, I have used the light golden chestnut with good success several times now since end of Chemo last summer. Last about 8 weeks, it fades rather than grows out and looks very natural and close to my own colour (midbrown), not a ginger tone in sight!!

thanks Tina

Have just ordered that one, so hoping it will be here before too long! Have you left your hair that one colour or had any highlights in it since it’s regrown?