Hair colour

I finished 6 months of chemo at the end of November (paclitaxel, carboplatin and fec), I had surgery at Christmas and finished 3 weeks of radiotherapy 3 weeks ago and all is good.


My question is this, when can I colour my hair. I have a full head of very short hair but I don’t like the colour. I am aware this is quite a vain thing but I’ve coloured my hair since my early teens and it’s quite shocking how much grey there is!


Thanks in advance.

Hello Suffolkjewel, 

Brill that you are through all the main  treatment. Glad your hair is growing back. If colouring is important to you, then in my opinion there is no reason to label it as vain or sound almost apologetic. It’s almost like we are supposed to be stoical about losing our hair etc. Well, not in my opinion.


I coloured my hair about 3 months after finishing chemo. At the time of colouring, my scalp and hair growth were in a healthy condition.  I usually do it myself,  but on that occasion I went to Tony and Guy as they had staff who knew about “chemo hair” and I was feeling a bit cautious. I had no probs afterwards.  After that, I have just continued to do it myself and with the product I used before cancer and chemo. 


There is lots of advice on the Net etc. For example, wait 6 months, don’t use this product or you can only use such and such product etc. I think one of the better places for advice is cancer hair care. Hopefully I have managed to  successfully attach the link.

Best wishes to you, 

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