Hair colouring and chemo


I am soon to start my chemo and  its also time to do my hair again (roots)

I will give the cold cap a try.

What I need to know - is it ok to colour hair with chemo and with the cold cap ?

Should I colour a week before or will it be ok for a couple of days before treatment…

Hi alreadytaken, there are a number of sites which provide information about the use of hair dye before & after chemo, such as the cancerhaircare charity (see link below).

My hairdresesr last dyed my hair a month before I started chemo & the cold cap, and I had no adverse effects, but your scalp will get more sensitive whilst you’re having chemo so it’s not advisable to dye your hair whilst having chemo or for 6 months afterwards. I’ve recently finished chemo and I’ve resigned myself to not being able to dye it again for months as even a temporary root touch up is no good as my hair has changed colour during chemo  :frowning_face:    

Hope your chemo/treatment goes well.

Hi Alreadytaken

i was advised that chemo weakens your hair therefore colouring not advised until 6 months post chemo as likely To weaken hair and make it brittle and break off. But defo ask your team.

good luck with your treatment.