Hair colouring

Hi ladies


I’m coming to the end of chemo, trying to focus on something good ie. hair growth. I’ve got some stubble and will obviously be rocking a short hair do for a while. This is difficult for me as I’ve never had short hair but hey, willing to give it a go!  Also I’ve never coloured my hair either, and I can see it is coming through as pretty much the same colour as it was when it went, thankfully.


So, I’m after colouring advice, is it best to try something cheap and non toxic like those chalk things? I don’t think I mind being a bit bold with the new hair, and it can wash out if I lose my nerve!


Any hair advice appreciated, I’ve never even been to a hair dresser! 

I used to have very long hair until last year when a bout of sepsis left it in such a tangle I chopped it off myself once I was home. As I’m expecting to need chemo after a mastectomy on Monday I had a sudden urge to go very short in advance. I also like the idea of spiky and a bright pastel colour. I haven’t been to a hairdresser for over 25 years ( used to trim it myself). Am researching hair stylists and have checked out Boots the Chemist website for washout colours. Do let me know how you get on.