Hair Donation

I had my hair cut off before my chemotherapy. Is there an organisation that I can donate it to? Someone told me there was one that made free wigs for children who suffered hair loss.

Yes Catlondon, there is an organisation called Locks of Love who have a website: The hair donated is made into wigs and hairpieces for disadvantaged children who receive help free or on a sliding financial scale. Some of these children have alopecia, or have been burnt, some have had brain tumours and lost their hair through radiotherapy.

I think its a great idea but unfortunately I found details of it too late for myself! I was going to post something about the organisation but wasnt sure where, and then thought it might be upsetting for some people who were just coming to terms with having breast cancer. I think though that donating your hair is a great way to get some positives out of what is a very distressing experience for many.

Take care and hope chemotherapy is going well.

Pauline x