Hair dye & radiotherapy

Hi all, I am due to have 3 wks radiotherapy starting in 3 - 4 weeks. I booked a cut & colour at my hairdressers last week, but when I said I was due to have radiotherapy the colourist was unsure whether to do the colour as she said there might be contraindications with the radiotherapy, do I just had it cut. Does anyone know if there is a problem, I have read through all the info I was given at oncology clinic and there is no mention of it. I forgot to ask the doctor at the clinic.

Hi, I am due to start rads at back end of March, and I am at hairdressers on dat 14th to have hair dyed, this never occurred to me. I will email my bcN and see what she says, thanks for raising the post. It is amazing the things that you take for granted and then have to have a rethink on x