hair dye whilst undergoing chem

Hi Ladies
I wonder if you could help. I’m on weekly taxol (just started cycle 2)and have been very lucky that I have not lost any hair as yet.
However I will soon be in need of hair dye to cover the mass of grey that is creeping through.
Can anyone suggest a hair dye that I can use? My BCN has just said vegetable dye?? and my hairdresser of 20 years has never had to deal with anyone on chemo and would also welcome your views.

Hope everyone is doing ok
Thank you


Hi Linda, my oncology nurses advised not to colour hair with anything that may have ammonia or peroxide. I purchased one from the health shop and when we read the ingredients it still contaied ammonia!!!. My hairdresser showed me the one she uses and that was kinder than the healthy option. I am also having weekly taxols and have become very thin on top and grey which is probably bothering me more than the thinning. Most of my hair loss happend during FEC and I used the Cold Cap!!! I have decided not to colour my hair until treatment is over, which I think is what the oncologists prefer as we are also at risk of infection whilst on chemo. Difficult choice to make and I know how you are feeling. I am using wig/scarves/hats to cover the grey. Best of luck Adi

You can get at least a couple of hair colours that do not contain peroxide or ammonia. One if Nutriflex Reflex (make sure its the semi permanent one) I ordered mine from the internet from they were very good and very quick. the other one is also from the internet from Daniel Field ( I haven’t tried this one).


Thanks Marian/Adi.
Its seems ridiculous (and a bit selfish) that I’m concerned about grey hair in view of everything else going on - but vanity or not, I want to look and feel as good as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. All the best to both of you


You can buy a natural vegetable dye called “Naturtint” either online or from Holland & Barrett - the whole range of colours from blonde to black - it covered my grey fine - it did fade a little quicker than conventional dyes but was very kind and gentle to my hair as it returned after chemo. I did leave it the 6 months recommended before I went back to dyes containing amonia - hope this helps x