Hair Dye

I finished chemo in March and I now have a thick head of curly, greyish hair. I would like to get it dyed. I was just wondering how long you should wait before having it done. I was going to treat myself to going to the hairdresser rather than doing it at home.

Any advice appreciated.


Hi Caroline,

I finish chemo on Wed…Yippee!!! I too want to dye my hair. My chemo nurse & BCN have told me to wait 6 weeks post chemo & then I can dye it… can’t wait.

Good luck xxx

HiI asked my onc this question on friday, i am 12 weeks post chemo now, and my hair is about 1-2cm long. He said it is best to wait about 6 months after treatment has finished.
Although i asked my hairdresser, and she said that if we use an organic semi permenant colour, it will be ok to do it now. But to use a lighter shade than normal, because new hair is abit more porous.

Sharon x

Hi - I coloured my hair with Naturtint a month after chemo finished, but didn’t really get a great result with it. My hairdresser did some research for me and used a Schwarzkopf product called Essensity which is organic and very gentle. Had this done about 3 months post chemo and it has been great.

ive seen this advertised in a magazine and tore it out im gonna use it ready for xmas hair doo its not quite long enough yet xx

I found this quite interesting although its more about hair growth than hair dying

I use Naturtint and find I get a really good result with it if I use slightly less developer. I’m delighted with the result. My hair is quite grey now and I use the light ash brown - comes out a natural mid brown colour.

I dyed mine about 7mths after chemo as it was so grey and it did not like it at all! My curls went instantly dry and my hair felt like straw. It was a garnier, non permanent one that ive used a lot before but man alive i was worried it would fall out!

2mths later it had finally washed out and my hair went back to soft, mad curls again.



I’m a fan of organic hair products and my local hairdresser uses only Aveda products. The dyes still have some chemicals in them or they wouldn’t work but they’re much gentler on your hair. I had shaved what hair I had left and my hairdresser coloured it as soon as it was long enough (about 7 months after last treatment).

I think you’re right to go for a salon treatment the first time at least. Try to find one that has experience of handling post chemo hair. Failing that, use an experienced colourist who understands how the chemicals react on your hair.

Good luck.

Jan xx

The mynewhair website by Trevor Sorbie has lots of good info. I had my hair coloured successfully with Naturtint 6 weeks after chemo. Did a skin/strand test first. Very happy to get rid of the funny colour! X