Hair falling out, itchy scalp...upset & feeling a bit down.

I’m due to have my 2nd chemo (FEC) cycle tomorrow.
First cycle, first week not great but gradually felt more like myself as the days went on.
Last Thurs (exactly 2 wks post chemo) my hair started to come out and its gradually getting worse and worse.
This morning I washed it and there was more hair on the floor than on my head. It really upset me and freaked me out. I know it was to be expected but if I’m honest I was hoping that it wouldn’t come out…stupid I know.
My husband is amazing but tells me I need to be stronger, it’s not permanent …but I feel so upset.
I just feel that anything about me the was remotely attractive has gone.
Self pity won’t do me any good and I know I’ll get used to it slowly but this has been a shock today.
I’m going to get my husband to shave the rest of my hair off tonight…not sure how I’ll cope seeing myself but I’m hoping my itchy scalp might calm down a bit.
Can anyone give tips/ advise on what to put on your scalp to stop the itching?
Thank you x

Hi Sami Claire , I think the itching will stop once you have your shave, mine did. It’s the hair follicles dying, and the hair length pulling that’s the problem. My chemo nurse advised coconut oil as an all round remedy, including scalp massage to stimulate re growth . Quite strong smelling,though, and can upset a delicate chemo tummy. Need to keep it moisturised in this weather, though.The hospital gave me Aveeno, which is a wonderful oatmeal based product to be used head to toe. I finished my chemo two weeks ago and have a nice little bristle effect going on now. I hate my baldness, but I love my new look with scarves plus hats - very Grace Kelly - so will keep that going even when this journey is done. Very brave and strong to get husband to shave it . Have you got a little sleep cap for night time? My little chicken head gets quite cold! Love. X

Hello - are you aware of Look Good Feel Better?  It’s a charity that runs free make-up classes with lots of freebies (many expensive brands) for BC patients. They usually run them in hospitals, cancer centres etc. You can check their website.  It’s a nice afternoon of pampering if you are feeling a bit down.  Unfortunately the treatments (chemo, surgery etc) do make you feel unattractive. Although a lot of that is temporary it is v hard to get your head around at first. I feel much better now but it’s taken me a while to get there. Also be aware that chemo messes with your mind chemically and can make you fragile, tearful, depressed, forgetful, confused etc. This is a purely chemical effect and gets better when you stop chemo, but it might be worth making your family aware of that in case your behaviour seems different. Also telling someone with “chemo brain” to pull themselves together isn’t going to help them! Give yourself some nice treats, fresh air and relaxation (yoga is wonderful). Take care xx

Thank you Anniej.
So pleased to hear your hair is coming back x
Well my hair or what was remaining of it has now been shaved…I actually feel a bit better today as at least my hair isn’t falling out everywhere.
I slept with a wee sleep cap last night and it kept my head nice and warm.
I’ll ask at the hospital today about Aveeno, thank you for the tips x
All the best…and heres to a speedy recovery & hair growth xx

Thank you Ms Merton x
I have a look good feel better meeting on the 25th, it’s really encouraging to hear how positive it is.
Also thank you for reminding me that it can affect your emotions. I don’t think anyone else really understands but great idea to speak to my family about it. I just have to remind myself it’s ok if I want to cry. I think sometimes I feel I have to stay positive and jokey to make others feel ok.
Thank you and take care of you too x

Hello! I know where you are coming from.I have just had 2nd Chemo on Thursday and my hair has been falling out for nearly 2 weeks now.I know what you mean absolutely feeling freaky.It freaked me out more loosing my hair than the damage the cancer was doing to my breast!! Everyone sees your hair-only your husband and Doctors see your boobs! It is the strangest feeling and when it started to fall out I had a major wobble-and I am trying to be so positive.I have thick curly hair normally and now I am nearly bald.
I keep telling myself that it is only temporary-a means to an end,it wil grow back and I am getting my wig this week.I have also bought a few headbands/beanie hats and scarves.When my started to fall out my scalp was so itchy and I was very headachey-broad elastic headbands really helped.My Oncologist told me to use Simple shampoo as well,
There is no easy way to deal with any of this but Thankyou to everyone on this forum-coming on here and talking to you all really really helps xxx
Love and hugs and positive thoughts XX

Hi Bolly ,not surprised you feel upset ,it’s horrible .Sending you a big hug.Yes it’s temporary but it’s still horrible .

Totally get this, I’m day 8 of 1st fec chemo and dreading more than anything (even my mastectomy) losing my hair! I feel so guilty for feeling this way, the only tears I have cried publicly are about losing my hair! Vain or what!! I want to scream at myself you had a 48mm cancerous tumour which is er and her2+ and all you care about is your long thick hair!!
I have my wig ready but I know I will melt down when my hair comes out. I’m actually not sure I will cope with is part. Hugs to all ladies going for through this . We need all support we can. Xxx

Sending you a big hug Sib,of course you are upset about losing your hair why wouldn’t you be its ****.I was lucky to avoid chemo but the ladies will tell you that it may be another week at least at least til your hair starts to go .A few ladies have prepared by having hair cut shorter and going out in their wigs before hair goes to give them a bit of confidence .Most people see hair starting to regrow once you start the T part of FEC -T .Dont beat youreself up for getting upset .Jill.

My hair started falling out about two weeks after my first cemo I’ve shaved it now use E45 cream to help itching x