Hair falling out - Tips


I have my second cycle of EC in 2 days time… I did use
A cold cap on the first one, but my hair was really thick affro and i couldn’t feel any cold so didn’t think it was going to work.

It didn’t. 3 weeks in and my hair is coming out so much, i cut it short, but it continues to fall out each brush, enough to feel a basin every day.

What’s left it clumping together, as im not putting pressure when i brush it as its just coming out.

I have decided to shave it. My sister who i would get to do it is on holiday for 2 weeks, it cant wait that long, so will do it myself.

Are there any tips, never shaved a head…Can i mess it up. Make it uneven? Also should i start off with a No1 so there is still some hair, of just take it all off…

My sculp is sore a little so don’t want to irritate it too much…



I feel for you. It’s horrible when your hair is just falling out constantly. I felt like a moulting dog leaving hair everywhere.

The advice I was given was to shave to a number 2 (6mm on some hair clippers). That’s what I did last week. I think you just have to go slowly through your hair a section at a time.


Hi, I was advised by a friend who has had 7 chemos over a few years not to shave hair, but to leave it long enough to pull it out by hand. She said the dead stubble prickles like anything, but if you can pull the whole root out then it doesn’t itch :slightly_smiling_face:.
Can’t vouch for this as only had my first dose yesterday, but may be worth trying.


Poor you. My advice is forget the cold cap. I have never seen it work properly on anyone - most are left with wisps of hair which looks awful AND you put yourself through extra stress and pain. I had mine shaved and then wore wigs for a year. It has grown back brilliantly although the first year the texture is coarse. Just use lots of masques and conditioner and now it is normal.


I never found it prickled at all.

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I start chemo in a couple of weeks. Ive got 12 rounds to get through. I thought about the cold cap. But i cant see it working with how much chemotherapy i need to have


I’m so sorry, Leona. I cold capped, too, and still lost about 90% of my hair. Looked like a molting chicken. I did have a friend who kept probably about 60% of her hair and looked great. But that wasn’t my luck. I just wanted to chime in and say it was still worth doing though. A year out and I have what can be called long hair now. Much more than I would have had if I hadn’t cold capped. I continued to cold cap all cycles despite losing so much and by the end of my last cycle it started coming back in and is quite lovely although I’ve kept the grey. So do know you are getting protection even if you can’t see it. Your hair will come back quicker than it would have if you’ve never done it all. As far as what I did with the 10% left I cut it short, let it fall out as it wanted to, and then wore hats like it was my job. I had enough hair left at the base of my skull to give me hair peaking out from under my hat so I didn’t get stares. You might have that, too, so look closely before you shave it all off. Maybe try short for a bit and see what happens.


Thank you…part of me sees this as an opportunity to start again. My hair was so treated, it was lovely as a kid. But chemically straighten it so much it was quite dry…have cut it really short. You can see my sculp…i will tske on board wgatveveryone has said…xx


I had to shave my hair a fortnight ago as it started falling out on week 4 at first i found it to be quite sore but now it has eased i use a simple shampoo and a cream i got recommended by a pharmacy. I did try the wig but to be honest that annoyed me even more so now just gone for the natural look luckly for me i have a great support network that keeps my spirits high although at first i did seem to push everyone away i also did some of the online workshops which also helped xxx


Hi Leona,
Shaving your head will make you feel so much better and liberated. It’s very scary, but there are so many hats, scarves and wigs for you to rock your look. It is heartbreaking when it comes out in clumps. It will start to grow back when your chemo is over. Speaking from my own experience. Good luck and stay strong. Xx


Hi my hair started falling out 6 weeks into my chemotheraphy. I sat and combed it out using my fingers a long task but once out i felt in control. My hair started to grow back when chemo stopped. My hair is growing back curly, i had straight hair before. People comment on how curly it is but as it gets longer it is starting to straighten. Good luck i use Moogoo products now and would highly recommend


A little humour here. I was diagnosed during lockdown so no hairdressers. A friend offered to shave my head but I thought I might hate her in the morning! So, my pet groomer stepped up to the plate, asking if I wanted ‘the interim Judi Dench or the full-fat buzz cut.’ Still waiting for my biscuit…


I wouldn’t shave your head. I lost 50% of my hair during Cold Cap, I was advised NOT to brush your hair but use a wide tooth comb just to run through. Myh hair soon grew back and even curlier than before. I also allowed my hair to go grey which looks better than before and is saving me funds having it coloured.
I also used my own conditioner during the cold cap procedure, and wore a towel turban following treatment, ie on the way home. I only washed my hair delicately once a week using Karen Ruggles Stop it all, with Neem, very natural.
Take care and ensure you keep warm.
Love and hugs M

Hi! I would recommend cut your hair really short (level 3-do not shave!) Is what I call the kiwi phase… it is not nice but It is much better than the pain on your head. I also wear some turbant with a flower on the side which is very stylish and a lot of people haven’t even realised that I am on chemo.
Wishing you all the very best!!!:heart::heart:

I’m nervous about loosing my hair, it’s very thick and long, I’ve only had two sessions and they said it’s starts around 3-4 Sessions, this is on Paclitaxel chemo, I have 12 in total.
Then I’m on EC chemo, this one is 3x times every 3 weeks, tried on my daughter’s wigs and I hated them.
She is a hair dresser, she said as soon as it starts falling out she will layer it and also said if it all falls out she will cut her hair too😔. She is 17 and already done so much for cancer warriors,who have no hair or also have no eye brows done hair and makeup for a cat show last year, she came 3rd out of 20000 in a competition.

Thank for your advice Donna…i lost 70% of my hair within 4 weeks, i think it depends on the type of hair and maybe the quality of the cold cap…i had really thick afro hair and when the cold cap went on it didnt really sit flush with my head. I didnt think it would work. Only washed it once, but it clumped together on the hair that was already coming out…

I havn’t yet shaved it completely…found a nice wig that people have said looks nice…

Just have to stay strong…

Leona xx

Hi Susan. I had 12 rounds of Chemo started in April 2023. My hair started to fall.out at week 5 so i took the decision to have it shaved off. I didnt want a wig so got lots of hats/scarfs. My hair has grown back since my chemo finished although very curly. I had straight hair before. Taking control made me feel better and in charge. Take each day as it comes and be kind to yourself. Good luck xx

I eventually shaved mine off, so liberating, not to have to worry about it and wore wigs, caps, headbands and hats until my hair grew, which it does btw. Be prepared for it to grow back curly. 18 months down the line since I finished my chemo and my hair is still curly but in great condition. Xx