hair gone again

Has anyone lost a moggy with mange?? If so, please see me. I woke up this morning to find my hair has fallen out all over again. I feel so defeated as last nights my parents were so excited to tell me my hair was definitely coming back thick and fast. I had my last chemo three weeks ago (can’t tell you what a relief that was and to all that are still having it, you will get there… and the feeling is fantastic when you do)… My hair has kind of been growing since it fell out initially after first chemo… but now I feel all disappointed again, especially when i saw all the hair on the pillow again. It is now patchy too and looks really ugly. My question is, did anyone have the same experience in having their hair come back, only for it to fall out again. If so, how long before real hair comes back and decides to stay for good?? It’s not as if the hair was nice anyway, kind of like baby bird fuzz! but still…it was hair and it made me happy.

Thanks for reading, happy easter, indulge in chocolate to those who have taste and aren’t feeling sick. love, carrie x

HI Carrie , I also anticipate your replies !
my last tax was 3 weeks ago too , have a thin headcovering of hair although it is different textures , soft at the back a bit coarse on top . I dont know how this is going to pan out either . I was wondering if this was baby hair I was going to lose .

THe only thing I am sure of is that it cant come quick enough !

cally x

Hi Carrie

Oh poor you. I feel for you. My experience was different as I stayed bald as a coot for what seemed like ages, but once it started coming back it continued (so far at least). I have studied this on here and reckon there is at least six months from last chemo to being able to go out “uncovered” again. My last chemo was October last year so I am counting the days. On another thread Brewers yeast was recommended. Mine seems to be coming faster since I started swallowing it! Give it a go.

Love and growth



I too am fuzziheaded and 4 weeks after taxotere, it’s not growing back very fast is it? I expected instant stubble but nothing yet. According to my juicing book, brewers yeast is a top protein food, source of chronium, and has a lot of the B vitamins, High in phosphorus and potassium and calcium. So worth a try I think, when I’m allowed to drive I’ll be out shopping. Does anyone know where you can buy brewers yeast?

take care

Hi All

Been reading this with interest. Finished my chemo in Nov and have about an inch of hair I think, come back really dark and was told on Sat. by a hairdressers (finding out about real hair extentions) that was curly.

Can you take Brewers Yeast if on Herceptin and is it safe to take while on treatment - does anyone know.


Dear All

Pauline - you can buy Brewers yeast in Holland and Barrett for sure, and probably most chemists. I picked up the tip from Pineapple, the lady in France whose hair had not grown back after two years! She started taking it and it is now on its way - very exciting. She checked with her onc who said it was perfectly safe. I am on herceptin still and Arimidex and nothing untoward has happened.

Incidentally Dawn - well done having an inch already! Mine is still Lewis Hamilton length and I finished chemo in October!

Much love



Thanks - I’ll be adding it to smoothies and juices as my book suggests. Although my juicing book does say that it is bitter but you can get de-bittered yeast. I’ll go hunting as soon as I get rid of this horrible cold, so horrible it’s clearly ‘man flu’.



thanks for the tips, unfortunately my hair is still falling out… it has been falling out continuously now for two weeks or more and it’s all patchy and unsightly. it’s been 4 weeks now since i finished chemo so i dont’know why it it still falling out… weird thing is after the initial shedding, it started to grow between chemo 3 and 4, fell out again at chemo 5 and has been falling out ever since. i have been so patient with my hair up to now but now feel really down about it. I am totally sick of having to wear buffs and hats and i feel so self conscious in the wig. please please start to come back hair!! carrie xx

Hi Carrie

Oh you poor love. That is my worst nightmare. No idea how to comfort you but I am praying for you. Mine is still sooo slow but seems to be sticking on my head. Can’t believe how you must feel. At least mine fell out after the first chemp and did nothing at all till chemo had finished. Am thinking of you.



Hi Carrie

You might be interested in our headstrong service. You can find more details on this site at

Best wishes


Thanks Dilys, I’ll hang in there (unlike the hair!) and see what the month of April brings, hopefully the hair will get fed up of falling out and decide to hang around, who knows. Just wish I didn’t feel so fake and self conscious in the wig but I only feel comfortable wearing it in front of strangers as they don’t know it’s a wig and aren’t looking at me ‘all supportively’ and telling me all the time ‘they can’t see the join, would never know’ etc… it’s that that makes me feel hideous in it. As if I’m a fraud. Och! I know the problem is in my head.

Ann, thanks for link to website. I have enough wigs, hats and buffs to set up a stall so not sure they could help me… however, if they have a magic hair restoring potions, i’ll be there like a shot! Thanks anyway, much appreciated carrie x

Hi Carrie,
I lost my hair after my first chemo, but it started to come back after no6, I spoke to onc and he said that its quite normal to come back before the end of treatments,but he warned me that it would prob fall out agin. He said it can continue to fall out for quite a while after chemo ends. I dont know if that is any help to you, maybe you could ask you Onc or breast nurse.
I hope that your hair starts to grow again soon, mine is growing although it is very slowly, it is also very grey…I had some grey before my 4EC and 4 Tax but I now have more grey than anything else, but at least its hair, I know people mean well but sometimes you just want to shout dont you.remember.its ok to share whats in your head here, cos we can try to understand and support you.

Take care.
Dawn x

Hi Carrie

I’m at the other end of the spectrum from you, approaching second chemo cycle and had the big shave yesterday after moulting for England!

Have you heard of emu oil? Sounds gross, but it’s been used by aborigines in Australia for centuries and has wonderful moisturising and healing properties - I use it for burns, bites, dryness, pain relief etc. Can’t be without it. Anyway, one of its other uses is to stimulate hair growth - there do seem to be quite a few patents pending for its use for hair loss, so am thinking that it may be worth a go. It’s also meant to be good for radiation burns. The brand I use is Y-not-natural which is Australian and organic and you can buy it online.

Hope this helps


Hi Carrie

How is it now? Any better? At least I now have a desion about whether I put the wisps in front of or behind the ear. That’s it! Know just how you feel about the wig. I have a lovely one which I gave up wearing and resorted to turbans with a fake fringe. People still think the fringe is mine. If only…



Hi Dilys, J and Dawn and thank you for your very supportive replies.

I mentioned the hair loss to my onc on Monday and he couldn’t have been less interested. He just shrugged and said ‘it happens’ in such a casual way that it made me wonder whether in fact he’d actually said ‘shit happens’… I will definitely give Emu oil a try - so long as it’s ethical to the emu’s!! To be honest, I’d try anything if it made it stay in… even glue! It is still falling… and I am looking more like a piebald horse everyday but… I guess it’s the price we pay to be better. Feeling bit blue about it all to be honest, especially as my mother came home yesterday with a very short haircut (that I’d be so glad of) and proceeded to get so upset about how short the hairdresser had cut her hair… I kept saying to her ‘a bald woman would be glad of that’, but she didn’t seem to take the hint and kept saying she looked hideous… which made me think she must think I look really hideous… which she swears I don’t! Anyway… Dilys, I am taking your example and going to buy a fringe! Thanks again all, carrie x

Hi Carrie

Think oncs only care about the medical rather than the “cosmetic”. And suppose they are right. This hair thing really gets to you doesn’t it? I am so sorry about yours. Went to see the Olympic flame on Sunday and saw a very young woman who had clearly shaved her head and was wearing a vile hat. I am ashamed to say that I stared! Wanted to ask if she wanted the head like that. May be she did, or may be she was brave. Carrie - that unmentionable website called headcovers and is American and has com on the end does a great fringe. Can’t tell you how many people think it was my own hair back.

And mothers? Can’t believe she said that to you???

Take care my love. We will get there.


Hi thre
Had my last EC nearly 8wks ago. My hair had begun to grow back but quite a bit fell out about three weeks after. Its just beginning to really start growing now and I am looking strange with a quiff on top and stubble at the sides!
Best wishes Alison