Hair growrh after using cold cap

Hi everyone,


I`ve had 5 rounds of chemo now, one FEC to go and have about half of my hair left. Has anyone got experience how the hair grows back after using the cold cap as not all hair is gone. thx! Sunshiney

Hi Sunshiney

I used the cold cap for all my chemo (6 FEC)  and although I still lost about 70% of my hair it grew back really quickly. I couldn’t go without my wig as it was so thin over the central part of my hair but 6 months later I had a full thick, grey and curly head of hair. I had it cut and coloured exactly 6 months after my last chemo (herbal dye) and nobody realised what I had been through unless I told them. I believe the cold cap protected my hair folicles and having the little bit of hair which was left enabled me to blend it all together quite well. My hair now is back to how it was before treatment started in September 2012 and seems to grow quicker but maybe I just notice it more. Good luck with your last treatment and hope you manage to hold on to your hair but don’t panic if you don’t as it will grow back


Hi there! I also used the cold cap through my 6 cycles of chemo - 3xFEC and 3xTax. Although my hair thinned and I lost a lot on the crown and top of my head, I managed to conceal this with hats and always had the look of hair with the length at the back and fringe. My last chemo was 7th July and by Oct I had a good thick covering on the top. It’s getting longer and thicker all the time, and has come in quite wavy. My hairdresser recommended a L’Oreal product which is supposed to boost hair growth and I’ve been using it. Hard to know whether it would have been like this anyway, but I’m certainly enjoying having a full head of hair again and it’s looking like a proper style now after a couple of trims. Good luck with the rest of your treatment xx

Hi Sunshiney! Like Lollo said, it’s hard waiting for that last chemo and wanting it all to be over! Not long now though. I found that I could feel a bit of fuzz on the bald parts of my head after Cycle 5 (Tax) and it grew fairly quickly once I’d completed Cycle 6. 


I’m doing well, had last rads in October and feel a bit tired still and emotionally unpredictable, but I definitely feel that I’m starting to move forward with my life beyond breast cancer. I’ve been reading a book called Thrive by Stephanie Butland, about moving on after having treatment for cancer, which I’m finding really useful. 


All the best to you for the rest of your treatment, Sunshiney. Keep that sun shining! xx

Hi Sunshiney. The cold cap was a success for me during FEC. When I moved on to doxetaxol I lost some more but still managed to look ok. After chemo had finished I noticed my hair was looking straggly and I had more on one side of my head. I took the plunge and had it cut short and then dyed it 7 weeks after the last chemo. If you click on my profile picture you can see the pictures I have taken of my hair. My last chemo was at the end of August and I’ve found in the last month it is growing really quickly. The good news is it’s really thick the bad news is some of it is grey hence the dye. Hope this helps.

Fear not Sunshiney!

Your hair will grow back regardless of whether or not you used the cap.

We have a program called “Look good, feel better” here, all to do with makeup and scarves and such.

I was considering the cold cap treatment but I ran into a lady who had undertaken it and she still lost her hair.  Well, most of it, it was very patchy when I saw her…

I would suggest shaving the remaining hair you have left.  I know it sounds harsh, and you have tried to prevent that course by using the cold cap but believe me, your hair will grow back wild and free and even better!  When I lost all my hair and it did start to grow back around the 3rd week before my chemo stopped, I was so chuffed that I was sprouting hair!  But the nurses would say, “That is new hair, that will either fall out or you need to shave it”.  I wanted to hang onto it, but I developed Male Pattern Baldness by hanging onto it so I bit the bullet and went to my beautiful hairdresser who shaved it…well, within two weeks my hair was growing back thicker than ever!  Everybody now tells me two months on that I look just like Annie Lennox from Eurythmics!  I still feel like a freak though, I was always really proud of my hair.  Honey, I have cried me a river over my hair, now I am trying to live a life without it, I will never be the same on alot of issues due to chemo… but I will not it stop me from living the beautiful life I had without it.

Heres cheers to you honey, if you ever need anything, just call xxxx April

The patches that I lost grew as soft hair,a bit lighter and thiner then my other hair